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Dear Hungry Girl,

I reached my goal weight on Weight Watchers, then stopped attending the meetings. Now I've gained a lot of my weight back. What keeps you motivated?  Does Weight Watchers Online work as well as meetings? Help...I need motivation!

-- Oops, I Did it Again

Dear Oops,

First of all, I want to congratulate on reaching your goal weight. Good job! It sounds like you have fallen off the wagon a bit and gained some weight back but please PLEASE try not to beat yourself up over it. It's simply time for you to figure out what YOU need to do to get back on track. I personally find that weighing myself at least once a week (though not always fun) helps me stay on track.  Seeing the numbers on the scale helps me eat better and exercise regularly.  I also try on my "skinny jeans" as often as possible as a reminder to eat well.  When they're tight on me, it's easier for me to have a few good days in a row.  As for WW online, it can work REALLY well for people, but sometimes it's hard to be disciplined, honest and motivated enough when you're on your own. There are great support resources online, too, like the WW message boards and various weight loss communities.  If you feel that you aren't able to motivate yourself, start attending meetings again. The face to face support of others is extremely helpful.  Hang in there!

Dear Hungry Girl,

I am always hungry at night and I never feel satisfied unless what I eat  has lots of fat or sugar.  I do well during the day re: exercising and eating good food, but at night I fall apart.  Please help!

-- Nighttime Nosher

Dear Nighttime Nosher,

I used to be the exact same way. I'd be GREAT all day and then lose my self control at night and eat too much of the wrong things.  I made myself stop, mainly because I started feeling bad the next morning (and my pants stopped fitting).  When I'm really hungry at night, I drink lots of water.  It is my personal savior as far as eating in the evening is concerned. If you have trouble getting a few glasses down, try drinking it at room temperature.  As for snacks, I, too crave sugar at night.  I find that snacking on fruit or a fruit bar helps satisfy my late-night food urges.  When you go to bed without giving in to your cravings, you usually wake up the next morning feeling lighter, healthier and more energetic.  And that alone should be enough to help keep you on track.  Good luck!

July is National Blueberry Month. Recent studies are hailing blueberries as the king of antioxidants and disease fighters.  Eat some! 

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