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January is Fiber Focus Month. So we're whoopin' it up HG style. Who knew fiber could be so much fun?! (Ok, we did!)   
HG's TOP ATE Great Non-Breakfast Uses for Fiber One Cereal!

1. Fake fried shrimp! - Grind up some F-1 to use in place of regular breadcrumbs and bake away, for some fiber-charged healthy food that tastes just like junk food!  Our Rockin' Poppin' Shrimp RULES.  And try fiber-coating our onion rings, too! 


2. Mix it up!  - Who cares if the holidays are over?  HG’s Snack-tastic Holiday Mix ROCKS all year long!


3. Guilt-free pie crust?!? -  It's true!  A little light butter plus Fiber One crumbs = a low-cal crust to flip over!  Check out HG's 1-Point-a-piece Strawberry Cloud Pie.


4. Cherries & chocolate...Yay! - Check out these chocolate cherry muffins with a sweet, fiberlicious twist!


5. Super-size your trail mix!  -  A cup of the regular stuff has around 700 calories.  A cup of ours has around a hundred.  We win.


6. Marshmallow cereal square makeover! - Low-cal retro treats. Sweet!


7. Chocolate peanut butter crunch cups - 'Nuf said…


8. Creamy 'n crunchy frozen good fun - Seriously addictive 30-calorie crunchers!

HG's Top Ate Fiber Foods & Fun Ways to Chew 'Em

Fiber is everywhere.  And you don't have to eat boring loser-y stuff to get your fill.  Doy!


1. Squash - Our pick?  HG's Bake-tastic Butternut Squash Fries.


2. Berries - In HG's Layered Berry Crustada!


3. Beans - HG's Bocalicious Chili!


4. Kale  - Baked kale makes the perfect potato chip swap!


5. Pumpkin - Plug pumpkin into the search bar on the HG site for oodles of options like brownies, fudge and more!


6. Bananas - Just yesterday we whipped up a banana cheesecake swap that rocked our socks off!


7. Oatmeal - Take your pick from our Rockin' Oatmeal Guide!


8. Barley - An entire can of Amy's nutritious and delicious Vegetable Barley soup has just 140 calories and contains 6 whole Gs of fiber!


January 12th is California Apple Day.  Apples are an insanely great source of fiber, packing four whole grams of the stuff into each one!


STILL want more fiber?  Check out these fiber finds from HG.  Oh, and these, too.

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