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Seems like there are a gazillion diet rumors out there. HG's here to debunk a few of 'em... 
Rumor: Carbs make you fat.

The Real Deal: Oh, stop the carb-bashing already, people! Eating carbs doesn't make you gain weight, eating excessive calories does. However, carbs can often be high in calories due to lots of sugars and fats. Processed carb-heavy foods like regular pasta, junk food, and white bread tend to have the highest calories. Keep those to a limit. Fruits and veggies have carbs (natural sugars) yet are low in calories. High-fiber foods with complex carbs, like whole grains, potatoes and beans, are a good source of energy your body needs. Just pay attention to the calories in the carb-y food you chew on, and you should be fine!


Rumor: Guzzling gallons of water = instant weight loss.

The Real Deal: Uhhh...not quite. If your water intake is replacing high-calorie drinks like juice and soda, then you'll likely see results. But that's because you'd be cutting back on your calorie intake. Water alone won't flush fat from your system or wash away excess weight. It can, however, eliminate hunger pangs and make you feel fuller. And eating less does equal weight loss. Also, keeping your body hydrated keeps your energy up. So take that energy and use it to fuel a workout! But too much water (as in gallons and gallons) will just you leave you bloated and uncomfortable.


Rumor: Going vegetarian is the secret to losing weight.

The Real Deal: Oh, please! A vegetarian diet has pros and cons when it comes to weight loss. Some vegetarian products (like imitation bacon and burger patties) are lower in fat and calories than their meaty counterparts. Making these swaps can be good for weight loss. However, eliminating meat from your diet alone won't cause your weight to drop. High-calorie fattening foods like pizza, pasta dishes, cakes and candy aren't off-limits on a vegetarian diet. And often, limiting your options can make it harder to find diet-friendly choices when eating out. Whether you go veggie or not, it's important to eat plenty of filling protein and avoid eating too many high-calorie, fat-heavy foods.


Rumor: Cut out dairy -- it's all fattening and high in calories.

The Real Deal: Nope! While full-fat dairy can be a bad idea for scale-watchers (limit your intake of this stuff), low-calorie, low-fat and even fat-free options can be a dieter's best friend!  Look for light versions of cottage cheese, yogurt (frozen and regular!), cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, milk and more. Curious about which light cheeses are chew-worthy? Check out our cheese reviews coming up tomorrow!



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