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Web-surfing is fat free & has no carbs (even with all those sites installing cookies in your browser).  Rejoice...and check out some of our favorite online finds!

Virtual Pizza Parlor

Ever dream of making a pizza but are too intimidated to give that crazy dough-tossing maneuver a whirl? Worry not! You can create your very own virtual pizzas here (no tossing required).  Choose your crust, sauce and toppings, then magically calculate all the nutritional info.  It's both fun AND informative!  FYI, you'll quickly learn that a deep dish sausage, meatball and mozzerella pesto pizza is one you'll probably want to avoid, while a thin crust cheeseless chicken, mushroom & tomato pie can be a healthy lunch. For serious pizza lovers only...

Are you a fan of cocktails? has almost 10,000 mixed drink recipes - complete with nearly-impossible-to-find nutritional info for each and every one. Learn to make a Slippery Rootbeer Lollipop, Scooby Snack, Fruity Pebble, and more. Hungry Girl Hint: Avoid the Long Island Iced Tea.  That 12 oz. concoction packs in 789 calories. Ouch!

Dotti's Weight Loss Zone Restaurant List

Dotti is a machine.  She's unstoppable...relentless in her search to assign point values to every food ever known to man. Dotti's "restaurants" page is the ultimate resource for anyone who wants up-to-the-minute info on the calorie, carb, fat & fiber content of foods at every restaurant chain under the sun.  Check it out.  Then bookmark it.  It's a lifesaver.

Freaky Franks

July is National Hot Dog Month. To celebrate completely calorie-free, try your hand at Freaky Franks, a game brought to us by our friend Steve over at The Sneeze. This weird online toy lets you build virtual hot dogs with bizarre toppings like whipped cream and Barbie Doll heads. If all that clicking makes you hungry for a real hotdog, go for a Ballpark  Smoked White Turkey Frank.


A recent online survey conducted by InsightExpress found that fewer than 10 percent of Americans are currently on low carb diets.

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