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Hi, HG!


I was just wondering if you had any ideas for a high-fiber, high-protein breakfast that has about 230 calories? I always eat my fiber cereal with a cup of milk, and I'd like to stick with that, but I also want to add some protein. Those calories really add up! Any ideas?


I Love Breakfast

Dear I Love Breakfast,


I love breakfast as well! And I DO have some ideas for you. First off, not all fiber cereals are low in calories, so there's a good chance that your average fiber cereal with a "cup of milk" (even fat-free milk) will cost you all of those 230 calories right there. Sad times! I say try a half of a cup of Fiber One with four ounces of Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla. That's only 80 calories. Then you'll have 150 calories to play with for your protein. Scramble up some egg whites or egg substitute with fresh veggies and a slice of fat-free American cheese, and you've got yourself a pretty hearty, awesome and FILLING breakfast that has practically no fat, 230 calories and about 15 - 20 grams of fiber. There are other ways to do the "egg" thing. You can also have egg whites with a chicken sausage link (Al Fresco sausages are my favorite!), or scramble a veggie patty into 'em. There's a LOT you can do with those 150 calories! The key is to stick with Fiber One for the cereal portion of your breakfast 'cuz it's SOOO low in calories and SOOO high in fiber!

Hungry Girl --


If I could live on nuts and chips I would. I love all kinds of chips and crunchy items more than anything. I am trying to find something to fill my chip needs. I have tried pretzels, peanuts, etc., but those have a lot of calories, right? Please help me or at least give me a way to deal with my addiction.


Sinking Chip

Dear Sinking Chip,


No worries. I'm right there with you. But being addicted to crunchy snacks is not a good thing.  I can't lie, those calories do add up.  But that being said, I am still constantly seeking new things to crunch on. My newest obsession is Quaker's Mini Delights. Oh my! They are little bags of crunchy rice snacks that come in Buttered Popcorn, Chocolatey Drizzle and Cinnamon Streusel. I haven't tried 'em in the chocolate flavor yet, but the other two are AMAZINGLY good. You get an insane amount of these little critters in each 90-calorie pouch, so it feels like you are munching forever! For straight up tortilla chips, I go for Guiltless Gourmet chips (great for guilt-free nachos). I also dig their Potato Crisps, but those are hard to find. Another one of my favorites these days (because they taste great and you get a gazillion in each 105-calorie pouch) is Crum Creek's Soy Bites in a flavor called "Everything." Wow, those are good! There you go -- start crunching!


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