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Dear Hungry Girl,


I like my food to have a lot of taste, but I am trying to watch my sodium intake because my doctor told me I should. Any ideas for salt substitutes or ways to add flavor to food without adding sodium?



Dear Flavor-Craver,


Yes -- there are a LOT of salt subs out there. Lots of people use Mrs. Dash (who makes a zillion flavors of salt-free seasoning blends), Salt Free Spike and a newer one called AlsoSalt. I've heard good things about all of these -- and I've used all of them at one time or another and think they're great ways to add flavor to food without adding sodium. If you're looking for a sauce or marinade that'll add some zazzle to your dish, check out Mrs. Dash's 10-Minute Marinades. My personal fave is the Spicy Teriyaki but she makes a new Garlic Lime one that's great, too! There are definitely a lot of options out there for serious sodium-counters. Just take some time to find the ones that work for you. (To see some of our low sodium food finds, click here!)

HG --


Valentine's Day is here and there's tons of candy everywhere! Got any tips, fun ideas or candy finds that won't do me in?


Looking to Celebrate

Dear Looking,


Happy Valentine's Day!  The first piece of advice I can give you is to NOT down that entire heart-shaped candy box filled with gooey chocolates.  If you're gonna have candy today, stick with things like mini conversation hearts (3 calories each), regular Tootsie Roll Midgees (about 23 calories each), marshmallow Peeps (30-40 calories or so), etc.  Those are fairly low in calories and practically fat-free.  If you're feeling more adventurous and want to get into the spirit of the day, you can try one of my Hot Couple ideas.  They're all super-easy, fun and delicious two-ingredient recipes that you will LOVE.  Find those here and here.  (Just click the links. These ideas are REALLY great!)


Today, February 14th, is Valentine's Day.  Check out HG's V-Day article on Yahoo! Food.  Yippeeee!


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