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Choose Bananas Over Brownies, Nick!
Choose Bananas Over Brownies, Nick!
Lost Pounds = Monkey Love!

One Vancouver photographer is trying to lose weight AND do something incredibly nice for primates. Nicholas Beatty, who tried to lose weight in 2006 but failed, tipped the scales at 285 lbs. right after the holidays. Now the pressure's on. He's turned his 2007 weight loss goals and new diet plan into a fundraising effort to raise $25,000 for Oregon Primate Rescue, a non-profit shelter for former pet and rescued research monkeys. Make your pledges and find out all about the Pounds for Primates campaign here. Good luck, Nicholas. Hungry Girl subscribers and monkeys everywhere are counting on you!

Spotted on Shelves...

All-Bran Crackers, Multi-Grain - We've been hearing a lot about these new fiber-packed snack crackers. Each 18-cracker portion has 130 calories and 6g of fat. Not terrible, and fiber-lovers will LOVE getting 5 Gs of the stuff in each serving.


The Laughing Cow Light Cheese Spread - Ok, we haven't seen these with our own eyes, but apparently tubs of spreadable Light Swiss Original have been popping up in stores in Denver and various other cities. If you've seen them, let us know!


Crystal Light White Tea With Blueberry Flavor - Infused with antioxidant vitamins A, C and E, this new Crystal Light On The Go flavor has just 5 sugar-free calories a serving. We're looking forward to sampling it.

Cracker Lovers Alert!
Cracker Lovers Alert!
Healthier Chocolate = Good Times!
Healthier Chocolate = Good Times!
MORE Better-For-You Chocolate On The Way...

Never one to be left in the dust, Hershey's is following in the footsteps of fellow chocolate maker, Mars (the creators of HG fave, CocoaVia). Next up for the classic candy company are three new products -- whole-bean chocolate, antioxidant milk chocolate and organic chocolate bars. The whole-bean stuff will have 40% LESS sugar plus added fiber, the antioxidant milk chocolate will appeal to milk chocolate fans who want the health benefits of dark chocolate (sign us up!), and the organic bars are, well, for organic food fans. Hey, we love our CocoaVia, but you'll never have to twist our arms to get us to check out other chocolate options with a healthy spin!

The Buzz...

Sad movies may make you eat more! A recent study of 38 administrative assistants found that they ate 36% more popcorn while watching the tearjerker Love Story than they did while watching the funny upbeat film Sweet Home Alabama. There's nothing conclusive here, but we think it's an interesting finding and can even understand the psychology behind it. Lots of people eat more when they're sad and need a distraction. Just something to chew on. ***Want to do something good for the Girl Scouts and our overseas troops? Many GS troops are offering you the chance to buy cookies to send to our deployed soldiers. Check with your local GS council for details. You'll get the satisfaction of buying Girl Scout Cookies without all the nasty calories. Yay! ***Dole is putting healthy vending machines in 15 schools across 4 states. The machines will feature healthy fruit bowls, salads, sandwiches and wraps. Let's hope they expand this effort soon! ***Heads up! Vitalicious has FINALLY launched its Canadian site. Give it a look, eh? That's all we've got. HG out!

Sniff, Sniff...CHOMP!
Sniff, Sniff...CHOMP!

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