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Dear Hungry Girl,


I travel a lot and find myself purchasing those so-called healthy snack boxes on airplanes. They seem to have a lot of carby snacks in them. Are these really good choices for me?


Plane Jane

Dear Plane Jane,


Yikes! Do NOT be fooled by those empty promises airlines are throwing at us these days. Those crazy snack boxes are PACKED full of calories and fat. I mean, is it REALLY necessary to give us crackers, pretzels AND chips all in the same box? And who needs all that cheese and pepperoni? And a brownie to finish it off?! Are they crazy? I checked out the snack boxes offered by a bunch of the major airlines and found that most of them had about 600 - 900 calories (and dozens of fat grams) each! That's hardly a snack! Your best bet while traveling is to bring a bunch of snacks from home and keep them handy. I'm actually on a plane right now (good timing!) as I type this, and in my emergency snack bag I have an apple, a 100 Calorie Pack of Ritz Chips Minis, a Fiber One Chewy Bar, Crum Creek Soy Bites, a 100-calorie jerky pouch from Oberto, and a Tootsie Pop. I definitely won't eat all of my emergency snacks on this flight but it's nice to know they're here for me. By the way, if anyone out there works for an airline and wants to develop an HG-approved snack box, let me know -- I'd be happy to help! (Pssst... click here to see the HG Yahoo! piece on airplane snacking!)

Hi, HG!


I was wondering if flavored coffees (such as hazelnut, French vanilla, etc.) have more calories than regular coffee. Thank you!


Flavored Coffee Nut

Dear Flavored Coffee Nut,


Like regular coffee, flavored coffee has virtually no calories. And by that I mean flavored coffee BEANS. If you go to a supermarket and pick up your favorite coffee grounds in flavors like chocolate, Irish mint, French vanilla, etc., your coffee will still be calorie-free (until you add stuff to it -- like milk, sugar, etc.). However, if you go somewhere and order a flavored coffee -- whether it's a restaurant, deli, gas station or convenience store machine, etc.-- please make sure that they are giving you unsweetened coffee with no added milk or flavored syrup. If they give you coffee that is light and/or sweet, chances are that cup has lots of calories and fat. By the way, my favorite things to add to coffee are Splenda, powdered Fat Free Coffee-Mate, Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla, unsweetened cocoa, and Torani Sugar Free Syrups. (Just don't use them all at the same time!)


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