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Slimmed-Down Salads at The Cheesecake!
Slimmed-Down Salads at The Cheesecake!
A Cheesecake Factory SHOCKER!

The Cheesecake Factory's got a new line of "Weight Management" salads (snappy name) that aren't exactly "light" but contain under 590 calories each. They are, as follows: Weight Management Asian Chicken Salad, Weight Management Spicy Chicken Salad, Weight Management Pear and Endive Salad, Weight Management California Salad, and Weight Management Seafood Salad. These sound great and we plan on reviewing them officially (and bringing you full nutritionals) soon. In the meantime, order that dressing on the side and go easy on the fatty ingredients to save where you can. 590 calories isn't exactly low for a bowl of greens, and it certainly makes us wonder how many calories are in their REGULAR salads...

Omega-3s: All The Rage!

Yoplait Kids with Omega-3 DHA - The fruity, creamy, kid-fave yogurt is now packed with this important nutrient that stimulates brain growth during early childhood developmental stages. No worries, it's also good for adults, so feel free to share these with the kiddies!


Odwalla Nourishing Food Bars in Berries GoMega - While many of Odwalla's full-sized bars are omega-infused, this is the only one that comes in a convenient snack size, too. The 110-calorie version (with just 2.5g fat) has 500mg of Omega-3s and the 220-calorie bar has a whopping 1000mg of the stuff!


Gardenburger California Burgers and Breaded Chik'n Patties - New veggie options from our pals over at Gardenburger -- and they're packed with Omega-3s. Yay! The burgers have just 90 calories and 3.5g fat but the chick-swaps have 140 cals and 9gs of fat.

Omega-3s R Everywhere!!!
Omega-3s R Everywhere!!!
Head-Explodingly Exciting!
Head-Explodingly Exciting!
Spotted On Shelves

Hostess 100 Calorie Packs - Our inbox is overflowing with emails about these things. You get three super-mini cupcakes per pack (click that link for $1.00-off coupons!) and they come in three creme-filled varieties: chocolate cake/chocolate frosting, carrot cake/cream cheese frosting and yellow cake/chocolate frosting. People are FLIPPING! Stay tuned for more info...


Starkist Tuna Fillets, Albacore Lemon & Cracked Pepper - We support these convenient pouches of tuna. They're portable, tasty and low-cal (170 cals and 3.5g fat per 5-oz. pouch)!


FruitaBu Fruit Twirls - Smooshed fruit rolls that are not only organic, healthy and delicious -- they're also fun! Great for kids AND adults -- and about 80 calories a twirl.

The Buzz...

Need help deciphering food labels? You're in luck! Meet Labelman, a little cartoon critter who's here to help -- courtesy of the FDA. Click here for the details. ***Crush your garlic, people! A new study shows that putting your garlic thru a press before cooking it can preserve much of the herb's healthy compounds. You learn something new every day. ***Did you know that chewing sugar-free gum may actually fight the development of cavities by stimulating production of acid-neutralizing saliva? And xylitol, a common ingredient in many sugar-free gums, has cavity-fighting properties, too. So chew it up! (FYI...Xylitol is very harmful to dogs so keep the pups away from it.) That's all we've got. HG out!

Labelman to the Rescue!
Labelman to the Rescue!

YOWSA!  After our rave write-up about The World's Healthiest Foods, that book sold out on Amazon. If you're still looking for it, it's back up on Amazon and also available online at Barnes & Noble...

VITATOP ALERT!!!  Looking for another chocolate Vitalicious pack and a chance to sample the new heart-healthy Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Tops? Click here to see the latest and get 5% off.  Weeeeee!


Today, February 26th, is National Pistachio Day. Pistachios are a good source of fiber, vitamin B6, thiamin, magnesium, phosphorus and copper...Yay!

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