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Glenny's  Soy Crisps - Onion & Garlic

'Atta Soy!

Who thought of using soy to make a crunchy chip-like snack? Glenny did! These yum-tastic lowfat treats are like the love child of potato chips and rice cakes--salty and crunchy, but thicker and heartier than regular chips.  They're much healthier, too.  The only thing you'll miss when gobbling up these protein-packed, low-fat munchies is the greasy onion residue that coats your fingers when you eat fatty snacks.  And, no matter what Glenny says, each bag really only has one serving, not two (find us a human who eats 1/2 a bag of these things!).


Nutritional Info:

Amount: 1 bag  (2 "servings") 
Fat: 3g

Carbs: 18g
Fiber: 3g
Protein: 9g


Sun Chips - French Onion 


Abandon Chip

With its shining sun logo and wholesome image, Sun Chips multigrain chips deceptively play themselves off as a super-healthy snack. Yes, it's true that they have 30% less fat than corn chips.  But it's also true that they contain 70% of the fat that greasy, fatty regular chips have. That's still a tremendous amount.  While these addictive snacks are better for you than the average potato, corn or tortilla chip, they aren't the diet-friendly treats they purport to be.  The verdict?  Let the sun go down on these health food imposters.


Nutritional Info:

Amount: 1 bag  (2 "servings") 
Calories: 280
Fat: 12g

Carbs: 36g
Fiber: 4g
Protein: 4g

It takes about four pounds of potatoes to make one pound of potato chips. Think about how many potatoes you consume every time you indulge in a bag of chips. Eeeks!

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