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Dear Hungry Girl,


I love to snack. What are your top 5 VERY filling snacks to eat?


Munchie Girl

Dear Munchie Girl,


I LOVE to snack, too. I'm glad you asked about which snacks are filling, because even I sometimes get sucked into eating snacks that taste good but aren't really great at filling me up. To me, eating a low-cal ice cream treat or a portion-controlled bag of chips is fun and somewhat satisfying -- but those things sometimes make me hungrier. Don't get me wrong; I DO eat them, but they are definitely NOT what I would call filling. As for my top five filling snack picks? Here they are...drumroll, please...


1. A large Fuji apple - Apples really fill me up and Fujis are my fave. A large one has about 80 - 130 calories (sometimes they're REALLY big!).


2. Turkey slices and pickles - I roll up my pickles in turkey and eat about 3 ounces of turkey and 3 smallish pickles. That snack has about 100 calories or so. (PROTEIN ROCKS!)


3. 1/2 cup Fiber One cereal with 1/2 cup Almond Breeze (Unsweetened Vanilla) - Yum...and it has only 80 calories and a whopping 14 grams of fiber!


4. Smoked salmon on high-fiber crackers - A few slices of smoked salmon on 2 of those high-fiber Wasa crackers is incredible. Even if you add a smear of fat-free cream cheese and some chopped red onion to it, you can keep it down to 150 calories.


5. A chocolate-flavored Vitalicious VitaTop - VitaTops are portable, delicious and FILLING. They kill chocolate cravings, have lots of fiber (6 grams each!) and contain just 100 calories or less apiece. I like the HG-developed flavors the best -- Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip and Double Chocolate Dream -- but I do love them ALL!


Happy snacking!

Hi, HG!


What is the difference between Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Diet Coke Sweetened with Splenda? None of 'em have calories -- and all are diet colas from Coke. What's the deal?

In Need of the Fizzy 411

Dear In Need,

You are DEFINITELY not alone in your confusion. I've received about a dozen letters like yours from people who are confused about the growing suite of diet sodas from Coke. For starters, let's clear up the easy stuff. Regular Diet Coke and Caffeine Free Diet Coke are sweetened with aspartame alone. The flavored Diet Cokes -- lemon, lime, cherry and vanilla -- are sweetened with a blend of aspartame and ace K (another calorie-free sweetener). Recently, Coke added Diet Coke Sweetened with Splenda and Coke Zero to their lineup. Diet Coke Sweetened with Splenda is a version of Diet Coke that is sweetened with a mix of Splenda (sucralose) and ace K, as opposed to aspartame. Coke Zero is a completely NEW beverage. It's a calorie-free version of Coke Classic (and, in my opinion, the best tasting of all). Coke Zero is NOT sweetened with Splenda; it gets its sweetness from a combo of aspartame and ace K, but it uses less aspartame than Diet Coke. Still confused? Try reading this answer again, over and over, while drinking one of the many calorie-free versions of Coke, of course. By the way, I am not endorsing over-consumption of diet beverages. Drink water when you can and have diet soda as a treat.


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