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Dear Hungry Girl,

I am looking for low carb and/or low cal options for fajitas. Can you help?

-- Fajita Fan

Dear Fajita Fan,

Fajitas are AWESOME, so easy to make, and can definitely be diet-friendly. Just stir-fry lean meats (chicken, shrimp or lean beef) and fresh veggies in a little oil or non stick cooking spray. I usually eat 'em without tortillas and opt for lettuce "shells," but there are many great low calorie and low carb options for tortillas. Wanna make 'em at home but don't have lots of time? Trader Joes has amazing frozen chicken fajitas. An entire bag has just 225 calories and 2.5 grams of fat. Ordering fajitas at a restaurant? Beware! The meats and veggies are often stir-fried in WAY too much oil and they're usually served with sour cream, cheese, guacamole and other diet-busters. Skip the Combo Fajitas at Chili's for sure. They pack in 1103 calories and 47 grams of fat per order! Chevy's & Applebee's are much better bets with their fajita platters weighing it at about 250-350 calories. Now go have yourself a fajita fiesta!

Dear Hungry Girl,

I lost weight on a low carb diet. Now that I'm at my goal size, is it okay to indulge every now and then on those "low carb" ice creams?

-- Maintenance Madness

Dear Maintenance Madness,

It is definitely o.k. to indulge every now and then. The key is to not do it too often or let it spiral out of control when you do. As for low carb ice creams, I have heard from many people that they can stall weight loss. If eaten in moderation, they can be part of your diet while maintaining. Whether you're losing weight on a low carb plan, Weight Watchers or doing your own thing, enjoying treats every now and then is important, so go for it! By the way, I'm not a big fan of reduced-carb ice creams, but I do enjoy those Silhouette Skinny Carb bars. Yum!

Today, July 28th, is National Milk Chocolate Day. To celebrate, sip a 50 calorie cup of Sugar Free Hot Cocoa! Mmmmmmmcocoa...

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