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Wondering how many calories are in that plate of nachos? Or just how many of those nachos you can eat without gaining weight? How about how many laps around the track it'd take to burn 'em off? Or maybe you just need a place to track all the calories and crunches, pounds lost and goals gained? HG's got the 411... 
Calorie-Counter Alert!

CalorieKing is BY FAR the most ginormous, accurate and easy-to-use site for nutritional info we've seen. Find out how many calories, fat grams, carbs and more are in pretty much any food you can think of. Aside from restaurant nutritionals, data on supermarket items, and fast food breakdowns, the folks at CalKing also give overall averages on generic items (a tuna sandwich, for example). Plus you can easily alter the serving size to match your actual intake, and the site'll calculate those numbers instantly. This site is a royal lifesaver and we drop in daily!


Feel the Burn...

Everything you do burns calories, from your spinning class to snoring! But you may be burning more, or less, than you think. The Fitness Jumpsite will calculate calories burned at your specific weight for more than 200 activities. Best part is, you can view 'em all as 1 giant list and compare the activities (other sites make you enter and view the activities one at a time). CalorieLab is another cool site for counting how many calories you burn. Choose from a list of diverse categories like occupation (housekeepers burn more calories than traffic cops), indoor exercise machines, and self care (blow-drying your hair burns more than showering). Some of those are a little silly (we're NOT recommending you try styling your hair for 3 hours in place of a workout!), but it's interesting stuff for sure.


Get Personal...

Knowing how many calories to consume a day is great, but what about your other daily needs like fat, carbs, protein, and more? And finding out your BMI is a good start, but what about what to do to improve it? iVillage's health calculators will tell you all that and more. Find out your target heart rate and get advice on the areas of your lifestyle that may need improvement. Then poke around the rest of the Diet & Fitness section of their site for more info. Good stuff, people!


Diet Diaries and So Much More!

Forget about do-it-yourself, FitDay does it all for you. You can track your food, exercise, weight loss and goals all in one place. But the best part is, FitDay's got its own food database with info on thousands of foods. So you don't have to figure out how many calories were in that chicken breast you had for lunch… FitDay'll figure it out for you! And if you tend to eat very specific foods often (Fiber One with Unsweetened Almond Breeze, anyone?) you only have to tell FitDay the stats ONCE and it'll remember 'em for next time.  Another one-stop-shop site like this is The Daily Plate.  It's super-cute and user-friendly, too.  A new HG fave for sure!


March is National Celery Month. We waited 'til the 22nd to tell you because celery isn't all that exciting.
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