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Hungry Girl,

The kids want to go to the movies this weekend and I dread sitting next them with their buttery popcorn and bags of Peanut M&Ms. What can I bring along that will last awhile and make me feel like I am having a fun treat, too?


Movie Munchie Mama

Dear Movie Munchie Mama,

Eating at the movies can be bad news. There simply aren't very many good choices available there. I always tell people that, as dorky as it seems, you should always sneak your own snacks into the theater. Movie popcorn is my pick for the world's SCARIEST food. It seems so innocent, yet even the small container (WITHOUT BUTTER!) has about 400 calories and 25g of fat! INSANE! On the high end, a large-sized movie theater popcorn WITH butter packs in about 1,500 calories and 130g of fat. And no, that's not a typo, people. 130 grams of fat! So, whatever you do, don't indulge in that stuff. It's just not worth it. If you want to smuggle your own popcorn in, go for an individual bag of Oogie's (the Sun Dried Tomato & Parmesan ROCKS my face off!). But remember to buy the individual 1-oz. bags -- not the huge ones! I also loooove to eat Weight Watchers Fruities at the movies. They're sold at Weight Watchers locations and can be found online, they're extremely low in calories (68 for a pack of 12!), and they last forever. Other good movie snacks? Tootsie Pops (60 calories), Stretch Island Fruit Leather (45 calories), and Quaker Mini Delights (90-calorie packsyum!). Enjoy the show...

Dear HG,

I love peanut butter but simply CANNOT control myself around it. If I open the jar, I eat at least two or three servings of it at a time. Do you know of any portion-controlled PB, HG?

Craving Peanut Butter
Dear Craving,

I feel your pain, believe me! I love peanut butter, too, and can't be trusted around an open jar of the stuff. It's fine if it's vacuum-sealed and sitting in the pantry, but once it's open, WATCH OUT! I do know of a portion-controlled peanut butter and it happens to be insanely AWESOME! Justin's Nut Butter is a small company run by two (very cute) guys out of Boulder, CO, and they make all-natural nut butters that come in single-serving pouches. They have several flavors of peanut butter (I LOVE the Heavenly Honey!) that come in these individual packets and have 180 - 190 calories each. I like to eat half a packet at a time, but even if you eat the whole packet it's still just one serving. I keep trying to convince these guys that they need to make 100-calorie packs of PB; so if you happen to order some of their peanut butter, you may want to tell them to listen to HG and make those smaller packs with fewer calories. Do it!

March is National Frozen Food Month! There's still time to enjoy some Lean Cuisine Paninis...Weeee!
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