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Twice as Nice!
Twice as Nice!
Lean Cuisine Doubles Up on Vegetables...YAY!

What could be more fun than TWICE as many veggies in your frozen microwavable dinner entree?! OK, don't answer that. But two times the vegetables in Lean Cuisine meals IS a super-fantastic time for everyone involved! The FIVE all-new additions to their Spa Cuisine Classics line that are bursting with veggie goodness are as follows: Sesame Stir Fry with Chicken, Butternut Squash Ravioli, Ginger Garlic Stir Fry with Chicken, Hunan Stir Fry with Beef, and Grilled Chicken Primavera. So why is this such a good thing? Because vegetables taste good, and twice as many veggies means more food without a lot of added calories. Duh.
Win a Trip to NYC for a Salad-y Good Time!

Are you a whiz in the kitchen, whipping up salad after salad, dazzling friends and family with your clever use of greens? If so, you MUST enter Wish-Bone's "What's Your Salad Style" contest. Enter your favorite original salad recipe that uses one of the Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers, and you could win a trip to NY and front row seats to the second annual Wish-Bone Summer Salad Fashion Show. And not only will you get to see some kooky model dressed up as YOUR SALAD (yes, you read that right!), you'll also win a $500 shopping spree. Wish-Bone says if their grand prize winner comes from Hungry Girl, they'll fly us out for the festivities -- so get crackin' and enter today so we can all meet for cocktails in The Big Apple! DO IT!!!
Dressed to the Vines!
Dressed to the Vines!
Chocolate + Mint = Famously Good!
Chocolate + Mint = Famously Good!
Celebrity Chews...

Wondering what the heck some of your favorite stars are snacking on these days? HG has the Hollywood scoop!


Altoids Dark Chocolate Dipped Mints - Dipped in REAL dark chocolate, these mints come in three flavors (peppermint, cinnamon, and ginger), have just 7.5 calories each and are being chewed on by the likes of Jeremy Piven of "Entourage", comedienne Margaret Cho, and Jason Bateman (star of "Arrested Development" and the ever-popular "The Hogan Family"). These mints ROCK, people. And they come in cute tins, too.


Bellybars - These bars (with 170 - 180 calories, 4 - 6 grams of fat and 2 grams of fiber each) are all-natural fortified snack bars specially made for women to eat before, during and after pregnancy. Basically if you are thinking about becoming pregnant, are currently pregnant, have been pregnant, or have ever known someone who was pregnant, these bars are for you. Famous Bellybar fans include Brooke Shields (proud mom of two), Marcia Cross (who gave birth to twins in February), and Tori Spelling (who recently popped out her first!).

The Buzz...

Ooooh...BIG NEWS!  Hungry Girl has a MySpace page now and WE WANT FRIENDS.  Lots of them!!!!  Click here to check it out and request us to be your new MySpace friend!  We'll be adding lots of cool behind-the-scenes stuff to the page soon.  ***Here's an interesting fact. Not only are tart cherries PACKED with antioxidants, they are also a wonderful source of melatonin, which helps regulate your sleep cycle. Want to be sleepy at night and more alert during the day? Cherries may help! Our fave is dried tart cherries -- mmmmmmm! ***From Fat to Fit author Carole Carson wants to help you and a thousand of your friends lose weight. Yup, she's going to help an entire community get fit (how cool is that?!). Want to enter your town to win Carole's Community Meltdown contest? Just click here for all the details!  Well, that's all we've got. HG out!
Eat Tart Cherries...Sleep Better!
Eat Tart Cherries...Sleep Better!

Today, March 19th, is Poultry Day! Why not chew on some of our Kickin' Chicken Pot Pie?!

Click here for the 411 on Quaker Mini Delights (and for our ROCKIN' recipe!)
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