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Salsa ROCKS!  It's the ultimate diet-friendly condiment. But with dozens and dozens of jarred salsas to choose from, how can you decide which to purchase?  Have Hungry Girl try them ALL then tell you which to buy - that's how!  In an independent taste test, we sampled over 60 jarred salsas, narrowed them down to our top picks, then had a Salsa Showdown to determine the ultimate winner.

The envelope, please...

When all votes were tallied, the world's best salsa that comes in a jar was determined.  It is (drumroll, please)...


Simply put, this salsa is almost a meal in itself. It's fresh-tasting and is full of beans and corn.  Perfect on a chip or as a side dish with chicken, this salsa is low in fat and calories and it's AWESOME!  It won the competition by a landslide. The bad news is, it's hard to find in stores. The good news is, you can buy it online by clicking here:

Honorable Mentions:

Pace Chunky Salsa and La Victoria Thick & Chunky Salsa -- These scored very high.  They're excellent.  You can't go wrong with either.  They come in mild, medium and hot. (Warning: Don't mistakenly buy the Pace Cilantro Salsa.  It's horrific.)

Trader Joe's Chunky Pineapple -- If you have a Trader Joe's near you and you like your salsa a little sweet 'n' fruity, then give this one a try.  It's yummy!

Old Hawaii Recipes Maui Onion & Island Plantations Maui Onion -- If you love sweet maui onions then you'll flip over either of these two salsas!

Tomato Tragedy...

Along with the good comes the bad. At our Salsa bash, we had a table where brave testers could sample the worst of the worst; the bottom 10 salsas that come in a jar.  The ultimate loser?  Sue Bee!  This pic says it all!  Aye Caramba!

Salsa is low in calories, fat and cholesterol, making it the ultimate topping for baked potatoes & steamed artichokes. Mmmmmm!

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