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They're baaaaack! We dug up some shocking info on some old-school menu items and scoped out some scary new ones, as well. Brace yourself, people...    
Little Light Lies...

Salads and veggie burgers are NOT always our friends.


Macaroni Grill Seared Sea Scallops Salad

(w/ dressing: 1,320 calories, 91g fat, 2,860mg sodium, 40g carbs, 6g fiber, 80g protein = 33 Points!)


Sneaky spaghetti house, you almost had us fooled! Seared seafood on greens with a "light" dressing meets all our requirements. But then you went and ruined it by slopping on fatty extras that cause this "salad" to have as many calories as some people need for an entire DAY... and 91 grams of fat! Plus, we did some investigating, and your so-called "light" dressing accounts for 270 of those calories and 23 of the fat grams! Are you kidding us with this 33-Point salad?!



Ruby Tuesday Veggie Burger

(no sides or dipping sauces: 943 calories, 52g fat, 60g net carbs, 15g fiber = 22 Points!)


Sorry, RT, but even the impressively high fiber count on this one isn't gonna win us over.  Come on, nearly a thousand calories for a veggie burger?!?  We demand to know what you've done to that poor patty (was it bathed in oil and butter?)!  Spill it!   



Chili's Quesadilla Explosion Salad

(980 calories, 48g fat, 2,410mg sodium, 81g carbs, 11g fiber, 58g protein = 23 Points!)


At first glance, this bowl of greens courtesy of the Chili's kitchen seems like a fun fix for a quesadilla craving in the form of a salad.  Well, caving to that craving will cost you…BIGTIME!  Once you top those greens with the crazy dressing they come served with, the stats soar to a freakish 1,320 calories and 81 fat grams (32 Points)!  It's no wonder they call it a Quesadilla Explosion Salad -- you may explode out of your pants if you eat it!!



Johnny Rockets Big Apple Shake

(1,585 calories, 90g fat, 555mg sodium, 175g carbs, 5g fiber, 128g sugars, 20g protein = 38 Points!)


Yes, we know shakes aren't "healthy" or good for us.  But if you're gonna splurge on a shake, you'd think that a fruity one is your best bet, right?  WRONG!  This J Rockets drink contains HUNDREDS more calories and DOZENS more fat grams than all of their other shakes!  We're talkin' over 500 calories and at least 30 grams of fat MORE than their Butterfinger, Oreo Cookies & Cream, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Shakes!  And by the way, the "Big" in the name "Big Apple" does NOT refer to the size -- those stats are for the standard size that all their shakes come in.  The only other size available is the kiddie version on the Kids Menu, and that still manages to pack in 951 calories and 36g fat (which doesn't even make sense, mathematically; it probably has far more fat!).  Apple schmapple!  

New & (Not So) Hot!

Bob Evans Stacked & Stuffed Hotcakes

(1,439 - 1,553 calories, 53 - 71g fat, 2,105 - 2,460mg sodium, 210 - 226g carbs, 6 - 9g fiber, 114 - 120g sugars, 24 - 37g protein = 32 - 36 Points!)


These new plates of hotcakes come in three varieties, each more outrageous than the last: Roasted Caramel Apple Cream, Chocolate Banana Cream, and Caramel Banana Pecan Cream.  And while we KNOW ingredients like chocolate, cream, and caramel oughtta be dead giveaways that these are nutritionally horrendous, we admit we've been blindsided once or twice by items with wholesome fruit in the titles.  These are particularly horrific, coming in at around 1,500 cals and 60 fat grams for a plate of each!     



Ruby Tuesday Chicken Portabella

(no bread or dipping sauces: 922 calories, 52g fat, 33g net carbs, 8g fiber = 22 Points!)


Grilled chicken served with steamed broccoli is a good start.  An oily topper of mushrooms and artichokes, a heap of cheesy cream sauce and a side of cheddar-packed potato mash…not so good.  In fact, the side of Ruby's so-called "fresh steamed broccoli" delivers 8 whole fat grams, itself!  And by the way, their other new chicken dishes (Fresco and Oscar) aren't much better.  Run screaming from this fatty fowl!


Denny's Turkey Bacon Swiss Griller

(1,020 calories, 50g fat, 2,070mg sodium, 122g carbs, 6g fiber, 33g protein = 24 Points!)


Of all of the latest Denny's lunchtime specials, this turkey sandwich seemed pretty reasonable.   And while we were hopeful when the description touted "thinly sliced turkey breast," the addition of gobs of mayo, greasy bacon, a blob of Swiss cheese and a side of fries took this one into the danger zone.  Skip it!

It's still National Frozen Food Month, people! Nuke up some frozen goodies, willya!
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