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Dear Hungry Girl,

I'm a huge sauce person -- I demand flavor and sauce on EVERYTHING. I'm on a diet for the first time in my life and everything tastes so bland to me! I want to sauce everything up. Got any tips for me? I love creamy sauces and mustard and ketchup, too. I guess you can say I'm sauce-obsessed. So, whatcha got for me that's diet-friendly?

Sauce Me
Dear Sauce Me,

Funny, I'm NOT a huge sauce person and I actually like a lot of food served sauce-free. But that being said, there are TONS of diet-friendly sauce options and no reason at all to endure bland and boring food if you crave saucy dishes. There are some sauces I use all the time -- like Frank's RedHot (it makes any chicken taste like hot wings) and of course Dijonnaise (although now that I think about it, that's actually more of a condiment). But I have recently found a sauce that has changed my life -- it's called Vivi's Carnival Mustard, and it will ROCK your head off! It comes in three flavors -- Classic, Roasted Grandstand Garlic, and Sizzlin' Chipotle -- and it is INSANELY fantastic! With just 15 calories a tablespoon, feel free to use this fat-free stuff on ANYTHING. I use it in tuna salad, on veggie burgers, on chicken, salmon and shrimp -- everywhere!! It even makes plain old boring celery taste amazing. And if you mix it with fat-free mayo, fat-free sour cream or fat-free yogurt, you can make super-creamy dipping sauces! Although it's called "Carnival Mustard" (a name I quite enjoy), it's definitely more of a chunky sauce than a mustard. It's sort of sweet, a bit spicy, and it tastes FANTASTIC! It's actually like mustard, like cocktail sauce and a little bit like salsa -- it's a bit hard to explain but VERY unique. I love all three flavors, but I prefer the Classic over the other two (if you're a garlic fan, you'll flip for the garlic one). This stuff is very hard to find in stores (so far it's only available throughout Texas and southern California, and at a few select locations in North Carolina and Nevada), but you can get it online. BTW, the woman who runs the company is a super-nice schoolteacher named Vivian, and this sauce was created by her grandmother (also named Vivian) and grandfather in the 50s -- cute story! You'll LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff...I'm completely hooked!

Dear Hungry Girl,

You are always writing about "100-calorie" this and "100-calorie" that. Do you actually eat 100-calorie snack foods every day? Don't you find that they make you hungrier and leave you wanting to eat more and more of them?

100-Caloried Out
Dear 100-Caloried Out,

I'm really glad you asked this question. People sometimes assume that because Hungry Girl often features info and reviews about packaged foods and snack foods, those are the foods I eat all the time. That's definitely NOT the case. In fact, I only have 100-calorie products about once or twice a week, at most (unless we're doing taste tests). I am definitely more satisfied snacking on a nice big juicy apple, a cup of fruit salad or a few turkey slices, than I am gobbling down 100-calorie cupcakes or chips. But that being said, I DO want some of those snack foods every now and then; when I'm craving certain things -- like Oreos or chips -- I'll go for those packaged, portion-controlled snacks. I especially like pre-portioned ice creams, chips and cookies. I try not to eat those things when I am STARVING because if I do, I'll likely crave more than one serving. Sooooo, to answer your Q -- no, I don't eat them every day. And while I wouldn't say they make me hungrier, I will admit that they can sometimes unleash more cravings, and so there is a degree of danger in consuming them too often. These things are featured on HG because they are often the items that people are looking for and come in handy as craving-killers for the higher calorie alternatives. Feel free to enjoy them in moderation, but be careful not to overdo it (like you really needed me to tell you that!?).

This is National Egg Salad Week. Whip yours up with fat-free mayo and egg whites to save fat and calories!

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