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Dear Hungry Girl,

What is the best thing for me to eat before a cardio workout? Please help me, HG... Thanks!

Treadmill Freak
Dear Treadmill Freak,

Excellent question! And since I'm not an exercise expert (FAR from it!), I asked my close, personal pal Dr. Adam Shafran (aka Dr. Fitness), who was eager to help. According to Adam, the best thing to eat varies from person to person. He insists, "If you are going to snack, stick to something in the carbohydrate family like Gatorade, a low-calorie bagel, an english muffin, a few pretzels, a banana or an apple. Carbs are great before you exercise because they digest easily and provide readily available energy that will help you throughout your workout. Don't go overboard -- stick to a snack-sized portion with around 200 calories or less." Anything in particular you should stay away from? Adam recommends that you avoid candy bars and cookies. "They have way too much fat and too many calories in them. A high-fat snack eaten right before you exercise will cause your body to spend more time and energy digesting, sending more blood to the stomach instead of your working muscles, and not letting you get the most out of your workout." There you have it. To hear more from Adam, check out his "Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy" podcasts. They're lots of fun -- and sometimes you can even hear me as a guest on the show!

Dear Hungry Girl,

I am a new subscriber and I want to know everything about HG! How long has Hungry Girl been around for? How many employees do you have? How do you find the foods you write about? And are your editorial reviews and product mentions paid for? Thanks!

Lovin' HG
Dear Lovin',

Welcome!!! I'm glad you found Hungry Girl and I am more than happy to answer your questions. In fact, we get so many new subscribers (about 500 - 800 a day!) that I'm sure there are lots of other people out there who are also curious about what goes on here. The very first Hungry Girl email was sent in late April of 2004 to just under 200 people -- mostly friends, family and colleagues. Now, just three years later, there are over 250,000 people receiving HG emails daily. There are currently only FIVE Hungry Girl employees. We find foods several different ways: on supermarket shelves, from subscriber recommendations, and from food companies and PR firms directly (dozens of boxes of food show up each week). HG editorial is NOT paid for. The foods featured on HG are here because they taste good and I like them. If HG approves a product, it then becomes eligible to run ad campaigns in our daily emails. So any time you do see an ad (either in the form of a banner, a dedicated email or a Guilt-Free Groceries special offer), you can be sure it is for a food or product that I fully believe in. Hope that answers all your Qs. Thanks for checking in!

May is National Hamburger Month, people. So get your Boca Bs and toss a few on the grill already!
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