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Dear HG,

I see that many of your recipes and food finds are high in sodium. And some are super-high in sugar. How can you call these healthy?

Curious in California
Dear Curious,

I'm going to be completely honest here. Very rarely do I label Hungry Girl food finds and recipes "healthy". I do this not only because a) I'm not qualified to make that claim (I am not a nutritionist, doctor or dietitian), but also since b) Hungry Girl is not a health site. Sometimes people confuse what Hungry Girl does with what nutrition professionals do. But HG's focus is NOT health or nutrition. HG is about real-world eating strategies. It is for the masses. Hungry Girl as a whole isn't really for vegans, strict organic food eaters, or the extremely health conscious. The main focus of the recipes and food recommendations you see here is on calories, fat and taste. HG also features high-fiber foods, because they're filling. In general, Hungry Girl helps people make smarter decisions when it comes to eating foods they crave. Another thing people should know: Not everything I write about pertains to everyone. If you are a serious sodium counter, then many of the foods and recipes here won't pertain to you. If you count carbs or sugar, you might run into the same issue. But there ARE low-sodium, low-sugar and low-carb recipes and food finds featured in HG emails from time to time. And when we find organic, vegan or all-natural products that taste great and are low in fat and calories, we're thrilled to feature them. I encourage readers to take whatever info they find valuable from Hungry Girl and use it -- and leave the other stuff for people who find that info valuable. My desire is that there be something for everyone here. Hope that clears things up.

Hi, Hungry!

I LOVE Rice Krispies Treats! But when I make them I want to eat at least half the pan myself! So I rarely make them. But I LOVE them! Do you have a recipe? Or a portion control idea? How do you handle similar issues?

Treat Girl
Hey, Treat Girl!

For starters, I want to say that I agree with your decision to not make Rice Krispies Treats too often if you tend to eat half the pan. I'm the same way. If I know I'll overeat a certain food, I try my hardest to avoid it -- even if I love it. It's safer that way. That's why I find myself giving away a lot of the chip and cookie snacks that come my way. We get an average of 10 - 15 boxes of food sent to the HG office each week, and most of the time I feel like eating EVERYTHING. Of course I DON'T do that, but every day is a challenge. I do, however, taste pretty much everything (except for when food companies mistakenly send us super-high-cal stuff not realizing what HG is about -- I try to give that stuff away immediately). Ok, now on to your other Qs. We do have a great recipe swap for Rice Krispies Treats. You can find it here. As for a portion control idea -- your best bet would be to slice the batch into portions and wrap each treat individually. Never EVER eat them straight from the pan. EVER. If you do you are almost guaranteed to overeat, so definitely avoid standing over the pan and nibbling! If your treats are wrapped, you'll be less likely to eat too many of them. That's a little trick that seems to work for me. Good luck -- hope you like the recipe! (FYI, you can also find boxes of individually wrapped Rice Krispies Treats at the market -- they have about 90 calories each!)


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