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Have You Spotted This Elusive Beverage In Your Town?
Have You Spotted This Elusive Beverage In Your Town?
Liquid News...

If it's news about solid matter you seek, you're reading the wrong story.

Vanilla Coke Is BACK - We've heard Coca-Cola Vanilla Zero has been spotted around the country, but we haven't been lucky enough to see it with our own eyes (or taste it either). But we're obsessed with Coke Zero AND vanilla, so how can it be bad?

What's Up at Wendy's - Not to be outdone by their competitors, Wendy's will begin serving up fancy coffee later this year. It's called Wendy's Custom Bean. In other Wendy's news, their newish Vanilla Frosty (which is sort of a solid pretending to be a liquid) ROCKS the house, and if you order a Jr. (the tiny kiddie size), it'll only have 150 calories and 4g fat.

Pure Tea Alert! - If you're tired of all the diety, pre-sweetened iced teas out there, give new Lipton PureLeaf Iced Tea in Unsweetened a whirl. Each serving of that sugarless stuff is also free of calories, fat, carbs and sodium...Weeee! Feel free to sweeten and flavor it yourself -- or not!
Contests & Shopping News!

Spuds McFrenzy! - Are you obsessed with potatoes? Here's your chance to win some cash or a potato-rific gift basket. Shoot a video that showcases your love of taters and you can win. An added bonus? Dawn Wells (aka Mary Ann from the classic TV show Gilligan's Island) is helping out here with her very own surprise potato-peeling vid. Click here to see it and for all the contest details.

Give Your Kitchen an Extreme Makeover - Want $30,000 to redo your kitchen? To win, all you have to do is give the dirty details of how one sheet of new Best Ever Bounty helped clean up a mess in your home. Go for it -- what have you got to lose? You can also win appliances or a year's supply of Bounty. So spill your stories NOW!

Splenda Goes Splendid - Splenda has a new shopping site where you can buy all sorts of cool stuff for your home. And no worries, it's NOT all yellow! The coolest thing (to us) is that they're giving you the chance to be one of the FIRST few people in America to own Splenda Minis (sweet, dissolvable Splenda tablets), which we usually have to have our British pals buy and ship to us; you get 100 Minis free with any order! Check 'em out NOW. They're really cute and portable!
Hey, Look... It's Mary Ann!
Hey, Look... It's Mary Ann!
The World's Puffiest Pizza Pie!
The World's Puffiest Pizza Pie!
Stuff You Didn't Know You Needed...

Pizza Pillows - If you love pizza so much that you want to nap on it instead of eat it all the time (which, oddly, is how we feel, but only because sleeping on a pizza pillow is a calorie-free activity), you're REALLY gonna enjoy this pizza pillow. It's silly for sure, but it's also on sale. We're in love!

Reusable Ice Cream Cones - All of the fun of a cone, without the leaks! These cups are shaped like ice cream cones but are made of plastic, not flour and sugar. The bonus here is that you get to eat a "cone" of ice cream, without ingesting calories from the cone. FYI, your average cake cone (the light airy ones) only contains about 20 calories, so you're not really saving a whole lot. We're just sayin'.

George Foreman iGrill - Wanna cook up a meal while listening to tunes?  Check out this goofy contraption (which, incidentally, is a complete rip-off of the Gary Coleman Grill & MP3 Player seen on the Nickelodeon show Drake & Josh in 2005). Ha!

The Buzz...

And speaking of Nickelodeon... According to a recent study conducted by the network, kids are more likely to ask for fruits & veggies at the market today than they were in 1998. Could it be because, these days, veggie packages are sporting pics of kids' fave cartoon characters? Keep an eye out for SpongeBob's toothy grin on packages of grapes and green beans later this summer. FYI, we'll be purchasing those.  ***A snacking study commissioned by Quaker found that Americans take their snacks quite seriously. Among the more intriguing findings, it seems 23% of the people surveyed have actually eaten snacks off the floor. As much as we LOVE Quaker Mini Delights, we're not going to be chewing the ones we find nestled in between the dustbunnies under the HG sofa. Sorry, we've gotta draw the line somewhere. ***Happy anniversary to one of our very favorite frozen desserts of all time -- TCBY's White Chocolate Mousse fro yo! To celebrate this momentous occasion, the yogurt chain is adding SEVEN live & active yogurt cultures to the treat, which has 140 calories and 3g fat per half-cup serving. Cool! ***If your dad is obsessed with VitaTops (or even if he just likes cake), you may want to give him the gift of muffin-y treats this year. Check out this sampler pack created with dads in mind. Awwwww! That's all we've got. HG out!
SpongeBob: Watching His Square-ish Figure?!
SpongeBob: Watching His Square-ish Figure?!
Yesterday, June 3rd, was National Chocolate Macaroon Day. Ooops... too late to celebrate (no biggie)!
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