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Dear HG,

I LOVE all of your food suggestions, but I have trouble finding some. So -- can you please tell me where to look for certain things (like those low-cal "noodles", VitaTops, Laughing Cow cheese, Torani Syrups, Unsweetened Almond Breeze, etc.)? Also, when you link to places online, I often want to order things, but I'm scared to. Should I be?

Lovin' HG Foods
Dear Lovin',

I'm here with the scoop. For starters, you can find lots of the foods I write about in your local market. Those low-cal "noodles", aka House Foods Tofu Shirataki, can be found at select supermarkets, Whole Foods locations and Asian markets, and can also be purchased online. You can find more info on them here. VitaTops are sold in select stores, but to get the best selection, order online (we do free shipping promotions with them once a month or so). Torani Sugar Free Syrups are sold at Smart & Final, Cost Plus World Market, Costco and select markets, and they're available online (you can also click here to have a list of local retailers emailed to you). Almond Breeze is sold at Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, some supermarkets & natural foods stores, and can be bought online. The Laughing Cow Light Cheese Wedges are pretty much at every supermarket under the sun. My favorite guilt-free food-shopping site is Heavenly Diet Store, but you can find lots of great stuff at and as well. As for your safety concerns about ordering online, I do it all the time and never have any problems. And thousands of HG subscribers do it daily as well, and I very rarely hear any complaints (believe me, if I do, I let EVERYBODY know!). But if you're skeptical, go with a reputable online retailer like Amazon (we link there whenever possible). BTW -- click here for a list of HG foods you can find at most supermarkets. Thanks!!!

Dear Hungry Girl,

I'm a HUGE baseball nut, and now that the season is in full swing and I've been to lots of games, I've found my waistline has expanded to resemble that of Babe Ruth. I need to know what to eat at a ballpark. I always go right for Baby Ruth candy bars and peanuts! Please help!

"No, I'm Not Having a Baby" Ruth
Dear Ruth,

While Baby Ruth may be the Official Candy Bar of Major League Baseball, it's also HG's Official Candy to Avoid at Baseball Games! Sure, studies have shown that chocolate can help cheer you up  and that peanuts are a source of good fat and protein, but each full-size Baby Ruth bar contains 280 calories, 39g carbs and 14g fat! And while it's fun to inhale a GINORMOUS bag of roasted peanuts in the shell, an 8-oz. bag of those nutty snacks has around 1,280 calories and 90 grams of fat! Eeeks. And don't even get me started on the hot dogs there. To satisfy my snack cravings, I bring my own treats to games. Some of the most fun things to chew while watching baseball (or any other sport for that matter) are Quaker Mini Delights in the Buttered Popcorn flavor, any sweet & salty nutty granola bar with reasonable nutritionals (like the ones by South Beach Diet, Nature Valley and Kellogg's), baked/dried fruit snacks, baby carrots, Vertigo Pops, and 100-calorie packs of cookies or crackers. Bring lots of low-cal snacks and you can chew all day. Home run!

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