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Dear Hungry Girl,

What do you think are some of the biggest dieting mistakes? Are there any really common silly ones that you see people make over and over? I'm sure I make dumb food mistakes all the time!

Food Flubber
Dear Flubber,

That's a great question actually. I do see people make what I think are silly dieting mistakes quite often. There are so many swirling through my brain that I'm just going to start rattling some off. I think following fad diets is a big mistake. To me, they seem unrealistic and don't really teach you how to live a healthy, long-term lifestyle. So typically, people lose a bunch of weight and gain it all (plus more!) back once they go off the plan. Skipping meals (especially breakfast) is another huge mistake. When you skip meals or eat too little throughout the day, you'll only end up being hungrier and eating more later on and into the evening. And that's a VERY bad idea! I personally think eating your largest meal midday, and then a small dinner, is the best way to lose and maintain weight. Drinking calories is another biggie. Drinking too many calories is a waste! Have a frozen coffee treat at Starbucks, a few glasses of juice or regular soda -- and you're taking in hundreds and hundreds (possibly thousands) of extra calories a day. Drink water (or diet soda or some sort of HG coffee swap) and you'll take in far fewer calories on a daily basis. Ordering poorly at restaurants is another common mistake. Try to stick with plain grilled meats, go easy on the starches and order all sauces on the side. There you go -- hope you find this info helpful!

Hi, HG!

Now that the weather is hot, I am craving ice cream. You write about so many different types of ice cream -- do you have a favorite? I'm not talking ice cream BAR, or anything on a stick - just straight ice cream. Do you typically stick with one kind or change it up?

Curious in Cali
Dear Curious,

As far as good old scoopable ice cream is concerned, I have SEVERAL favorites. In general, the best-tasting ice cream with the best nutritional info is Dreyer's Slow Churned Light Ice Cream (Edy's is the same -- just depends where you live). My favorite flavors are Caramel Delight, the American Idol Take The Cake flavor (vote for it NOW by clicking here), and the Limited Edition Girl Scouts Samoas Cookie, which is not available over the summer -- bummer! (Cute rhyme, but still upsetting.) I also LOVE Dreyer's/Edy's Loaded  (particularly the Cookies 'N Cream flavor, 'cuz it's PACKED with cookies and only has 110 calories per 1/2 cup). These days I've been using a lot of Breyer's Double Churn FREE ice cream in recipes because it's SUPER-LOW in calories and it's fat-free. The vanilla and chocolate flavors have just 90 calories per half-cup serving, so they're perfect to use in smoothies, blended cocktails and coffee drinks. Good luck -- and happy ice creaming!!!

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