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Spotted On Shelves

Jello-O Sugar Free Pudding Snacks, Banana Fudge Supreme Sundae - Yes, Jell-O has added another flavor to their 60-calorie Splenda-sweetened pudding snack line-up. Each cup has banana pudding covered with a chocolate topping. We tried -- and we like. Yum!

Pepperidge Farm 100 Calorie Cookie Pouches - If you can't get enough of tiny cookies in small packages, we've got some super-exciting news for you. Pepperidge Farm is now offering 100-calorie pack versions of three of their most popular cookies -- Chocolate Chunk (golden cookies w/dark chocolate chips), Chessmen (butter cookies) and Chocolate Chessmen (chocolate butter cookies). We've eyed 'em, but haven't tried 'em (yet).

KC Masterpiece Low Calorie Classic Blend BBQ Sauce - This is exciting! We love BBQ sauce so much, but typically each serving of the stuff has 50 calories or so. This new sauce by our friends over at KC Masterpiece only has 10 calories a serving. How does it taste? Beats us! We've yet to sample it -- but welcome comments from those of you who have. SO TELL US THINGS NOW!!!
Starbucks... Out to Lunch?!

There's ALWAYS something happening at The Bucks (they like to keep busy). This week (TOMORROW to be exact) they're rolling out some fun new things. First, they've got all sorts of new raspberry-ish items. The standout is their Raspberry Mocha Frappuccino Light (180 calories, 1g fat for a Tall). And they're expanding their lunch menu, too. Some of the stuff is not exactly guilt-free (shocker...NOT!) but there are some calorie-friendly options -- and here they are, listed below:

Fiesta Salad (320 calories, 10g fat) - Complete with white meat chicken, roasted corn, black beans, salsa and more!

Strawberry Banana Yogurt Parfait (340 calories, 4g fat) - Low-fat yogurt, bananas and strawberries -- with crunchy granola.

Peachy Raspberry Yogurt Parfait (320 calories, 4g fat) - Diced peaches and raspberry puree, topped with low-fat yogurt and granola.

It's nice to see more diet-friendly items squeezing their way onto the Starbucks menu, isn't it?!
Fiesta Time!
Fiesta Time!
Who's a Little Smiley Hamburger?!?!
Who's a Little Smiley Hamburger?!?!
Stuff You Didn't Know You Needed...

Fast Food Key Caps - We know they're silly, but we love them. So much that we ordered five sets of these burger 'n fries key-toppers. THEY ARE SOOOOO CUTE!

Cupcake Clutch - OK, silly item number two. We think it's a better idea to carry things in a clutch with a cupcake on it than to actually eat a cupcake. Call us crazy. They also have ice cream cone and lollipop ones. Weeeee!

Corn Zipper - Don't like to get junk caught in your teeth? Too lazy to bite the kernels off the corn cob?  This nifty corn zipper will do the hard work for you. Its sharp teeth remove those juicy kernels without crushing them. Much safer than a knife! All you need to do afterwards is shovel those babies in your mouth with your utensil of choice (then chew and swallow).
The Buzz...

Going to the beach is good for you. In fact, just being near water has a calming effect on people. So head out to the beach or lake as often as you can. And if you can't get out, maybe sitting next to the bathtub listening to the water run will help?! Face it -- humans and water are a great team! ***If you're a label-reading-freak (and of course we mean that in the very best way possible), your head will explode when you check out NutritionPedia. It's a new online database of more than 50,000 labels for branded products. Yee-haaaa! ***A second study has confirmed that the so-called calorie-burning Celsius soda (which happens to taste REALLY good) does in fact burn calories. The study found that for three hours after drinking one serving (12 oz.) of the stuff, participants in the study burned 65% more calories than their placebo-drinking testmates (that's an average of 100 additional calories burned!). We remain skeptical, as always, but if you'd like to read more about the study and its findings, click here. ***Just wanted to give a little HG shout out to guavas, the most under-appreciated of all fruits. Guavas are tasty, and have WAY more vitamin C than citrus fruit (FIVE TIMES more than oranges). With all that going for them, why don't we hear more about these greenish-yellowish orbs of fruity fun? Guess guavas need a better publicist... That's all we've got. HG out!
Hit the Beach, Baby!
Hit the Beach, Baby!
Today, June 25th, is National Strawberry Parfait Day. Make a guilt-free one with Yoplait Light, fresh strawberries and some Fat Free Reddi-wip!
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