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Dear Hungry Girl,

Is there any validity to eating/not eating certain times of day to control weight? I have heard conflicting things about this!

-- Dying to Know in Denver

Dear Dying to Know,

Calories consumed later in the day are more likely be stored (and not burned!) than those consumed in the morning or midday, simply because we are usually less active at night. Your body's metabolism is revved up when its working during the day, so eating small meals, every few hours as opposed to eating two or three very large meals is a great way to go. Personally, I prefer eating a bunch of 100-200 calorie meals throughout the day. When I do this I'm less likely to eat a large meal at night. It's also good because I get to eat every few hours, which is fun. Happy chewing!

Dear Hungry Girl,

I love orange juice in the mornings, but a friend of mine recently told me that orange juice has MORE calories than Coke or Pepsi! Is this true? Does that mean I'd be better off drinking sugary soda in the morning?

-- Jazzed over Juice

Dear Jazzed,

Eight ounces of orange juice contains 100 - 110 calories while eight ounces of Coke contains 100, so there are roughly the same amount of calories in each. However, juice is still the better, healthier choice. Orange juice is packed with vitamins and nutrients that are good for you and give you natural energy. Coke is simply chemicals and sugar -- empty calories that don't help you in any way. Most nutritionists say, however, your best bet is to eat the actual fruit. Though some fortified juices contain more vitamins than fruit, there is more fiber in fruit - and fiber is really good for you (it helps prevent cancer). The truth is, drinking too much fruit juice OR soda is a bad idea if you're trying to keep your weight down as both are very high in calories.

QUICK TIP: If you're worried about consuming too many calories from juice, you can simply cut it with water. Go for 6 oz. of juice and two oz. of water. If that's too much trouble, try Tropicana's new "Light & Healthy orange juice, that thanks to the Splenda gods, has cut the calories (and sugar) by over 30 percent.

Substitute applesauce for oil in baking recipes. You'll get the taste and moistness without the fat and calories! By the way, 2/3 cup of the sauce = 1 cup of oil.

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