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To celebrate Ice Cream Month, we're giving away awards -- and re-living some of our greatest ice cream moments. Check it out...   
HG's Chilly Awards!

Check out our ice cream picks...

Best Ice Cream for Recipes:
Breyer's Double Churn Free, Creamy Vanilla

With just 90 calories per half-cup serving, this stuff is ideal to use in creamy cocktail recipes or as a topper for guilt-free cakes, brownies and muffins. It's also super-creamy and fat-free (and just 1 Point per serving, if you’re counting!). Awesome!

Most Decadent Ice Cream: 
Dreyer's/Edy's Loaded, Cookies 'N Cream

Woohoo! This frozen dairy dessert manages to pack in a gazillion creme-filled chocolate cookie pieces and STILL keep the calorie count down to 110 per half-cup serving... with just 3.5g fat! Is that even possible?!?!

Most Creative Ice Cream: 
Dreyer's/Edy's Slow Churned American Idol, Take The Cake

Holy moly! Yellow-cake-flavored ice cream has been attacked with crazy blue frosting ribbons and multi-colored sprinkles. It's so gorgeous and delicious we can hardly stand it! Oh, it has 120 calories and 4g fat in each half-cup portion. Not too shabby.

Best Ice Cream Bar Line: 
Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom

WOW -- there are bars with krunchies, bars doused in white chocolate, bars jam-packed with cheesecake. These insanely fantastic frozen treats are all way lower in calories and fat than the average crazy-decadent ice cream bar, but not all of them are exactly super-low-cal or low-fat, so be careful. Score any of the ones with “Lites” attached to the flavor name, and your treat will have no more than 100 calories, a max of 7g fat plus 2g fiber. Sweet!


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It's National Ice Cream Month. Celebrate with any of our picks – but don’t eat them all at once!
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