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Today is Coffee Milkshake Day. Celebrate HG-style... 
Making delicious coffee drinks is HG's specialty. And in celebration of Coffee Milkshake Day (no, we didn't make it up!), we're sharing our coffee secrets and some javalicious recipes with you. Woohoo!


HG's Top Ate Secrets of Making Snazzy Coffee Drinks...

1. Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla - This stuff is magical. It's creamy and super-vanilla-y, and yet it only has 40 calories per 8 ounces. INSANITY! That's less than HALF the calories of skim milk (and TWICE the flavor!!!). This is the KEY ingredient for making awesome low-cal lattes. Be careful not to buy the regular SWEETENED version of this stuff. It has twice as many calories.

2. Coffee-mate Flavored Powders in Sugar Free and Fat Free - Do NOT be fooled into thinking fat-free and sugar-free flavored LIQUID Coffee-mate is a good idea. The serving sizes are crazy-small and the calorie counts are high. So when all is said and done, you can easily add 50 calories to your drink without even realizing it. You're WAY better off using a teaspoon or so of the SF or FF powdered ones in flavors like French Vanilla and Vanilla Caramel. Even though the serving size is a full tablespoon, all you need is a teaspoon of the stuff to make your drinks taste creamy and delicious. And that'll only add about 10-12 calories to your beverage. Sweet! (Pssst -- if youre using the stuff in cold drinks, you should dissolve it in a small amount of water first.)

3. Unsweetened Cocoa - Cocoa powder has about 5-8 calories a teaspoon and it can make your drinks taste rich and chocolatey. You'll obviously need to add some sort of sweetener to your beverage to make it taste really good -- but cocoa adds another layer of deliciousness without adding a lot of calories.

4. No-Calorie Sweetener - Our sweetener of choice is Splenda. But you can use Equal, Sweet'N Low, Stevia -- whatever you like. BTW -- even though these are called "no-calorie" sweeteners, they typically have about 4 calories per packet. Still, that's a lot less than sugar!

5. Torani Sugar Free Syrups - We've raved about these before, and we will again. They're AMAZING. Our favorites for coffee are the following sugar-free flavors -- White Chocolate, Almond Roca, Coconut, and Vanilla.

6. Good Ice - We're ice snobs. We know it's just frozen water, but good ice ROCKS. Bad ice SUCKS. That's all there is to it. Make sure you have access to excellent ice.

7. Tall Glasses - Short, wimpy glasses can ruin a perfectly wonderful coffee drink. Hook yourself up with some nice, tall (preferably pretty!) glasses. They'll make your drinks taste better.

8. A Great Blender - You don't need to spend a gazillion dollars on a  fancy blender (like the one in the pic), you can simply get a Magic Bullet or some other fun blender. Just make sure it works well. Using a blender that can't crush your ice properly will result in sub-par blended coffee drinks.
HG's Crazy-Cool Caramel Vanilla Iced Latte

(1 latte - 45 calories, 2g fat, 110mg sodium, 2.5g carbs, 0.5g fiber, 0g sugars, 0.5g protein = 1 Point)

1 tsp. instant coffee
4 oz. Almond Breeze, Unsweetened Vanilla
1 tsp. Sugar Free Vanilla Caramel Coffee-mate Powder
3 Splenda packets
1 oz. Sugar Free Torani Syrup, Vanilla

Place coffee, Splenda and Coffee-mate dry in a 16 oz. glass. Dissolve in 2 oz. of hot water. Add 3 oz. of cold water, Almond Breeze and a cup of crushed ice (or cubes). Top off with Torani Syrup. Stir and enjoy!


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