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HG's Raspberry Mocha Madness Swappuccino
HG's Raspberry Mocha Madness Swappuccino

Raspberry Bliss!
Yes, it's time for another Starbucks swappuccino, courtesy of your pal HG. She and her trusty blender are working overtime this summer, and the latest creation to come out of the HG kitchen is a rockin' Raspberry Mocha Frappuccino swap. Even if you don't like raspberry (or coffee!), we think you'll dig this one. Try it and let us know what you think...

1 1/2 tsp. instant coffee granules
1 tsp. sugar-free French vanilla powdered creamer
1 tsp. unsweetened cocoa powder
2 no-calorie sweetener packets (like Splenda or Truvia)
1/2 cup light chocolate soymilk
1/4 cup sugar-free calorie-free raspberry-flavored syrup (like the kind by Torani)
1 1/2 cups crushed ice or 8 - 12 ice cubes
2 tbsp. Fat Free Reddi-wip

In a tall glass, combine coffee granules, creamer, cocoa powder, and sweetener. Add 2 tbsp. hot water and stir to dissolve.

Transfer mixture to a blender. Add soymilk, syrup, and ice, and blend at high speed until smooth.

Pour and top with Reddi-wip!


Serving Size: entire recipe
Calories: 82
Fat: 1.75g
Sodium: 80mg
Carbs: 15.5g
Fiber: 1g
Sugars: 8g
Protein: 3g

PointsPlus® value 2*

Starbucks Raspberry Mocha Frappuccino Blended Coffee
Starbucks Raspberry Mocha Frappuccino Blended Coffee

Raspberry Miss!
They're going raspberry CRAZY over at Starbucks this summer. There are all sorts of berry-ish mochas and blended beverages on the menu. The one we've heard people buzzing about most is the Raspberry Mocha Frappuccino Blended Coffee. It features raspberries, chocolate and a mix of Latin American coffees, all blended up, smothered in whipped cream and drizzled with raspberry syrup. Yikes! That syrupy-sweet coffee-kookiness will cost you 390 calories and 15 grams of fat (9 of those grams are SATURATED!) for a Grande. Too much, we say! They do offer a lightened-up version of this chilly treat, and 16 ounces of that one (officially titled Raspberry Mocha Frappuccino Light Blended Coffee) clocks in at 160 calories. Better, for sure, but it still doesn't come close to the super-low calorie count HG's version has. And ours tastes better (people other than our mothers have told us so) Plus, our version has whipped cream (the Frap Lights at The 'Bucks come without any). We love you Starbucks, but we've got you beat this time. No need to be sad though, we're still BFFs with your awesome Orange Crème Frappuccino Light Blended Crème... mmmmmm!

Serving Size: 1 Grande (16 ounces) w/ whipped cream
Calories: 390
Fat: 15g
Sodium: 220mg
Carbs: 61g
Fiber: 0g
Sugars: 51g
Protein: 6g

PointsPlus® value 11*

Today, July 31st, is National Raspberry Cake Day. Instead of chewing raspberry cake, sip on one of HG's Raspberry Mocha Madness Swappuccinos!
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