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You Can Help!
You Can Help!
Healthy Dining Finder Needs YOU!, the website that brings you everything you need to know about the healthier food options available at restaurants in your area, is about to reach their 50,000 mark. What that means is they're close to having 50,000 restaurants in their incredible searchable database. Help them add gazillions more eateries to their growing site. Click here to download a printable form you can take to YOUR favorite restaurant. Make sure you leave it with the manager (or someone else important) and insist they become part of this awesome service! If they don't seem interested, remind them that all the cool restaurants are doing it... that always helps!
HG FINDS... Coming Soon!!!

Progresso Light 0 Points Soups - FIVE veggie-licious varieties (endorsed by Weight Watchers) are hitting store shelves starting NOW. They are: Italian-Style Vegetable, Vegetable and Noodle, Savory Vegetable Barley, Home-style Vegetable and Rice, and Southwestern-Style Vegetable. Each serving has ZERO POINTS (60 calories, <1g fat, and 4g fiber) -- GET EXCITED!!!

Kashi All-Natural Frozen Pizzas - We feel healthier anytime we chow down on ANYTHING with a Kashi label. That's why we're PSYCHED about their brand new pizzas. Hitting shelves now (or very soon) are Five Cheese Tomato, Mediterranean, and Roasted Garlic Chicken (and each have about 290 calories and 9g fat per serving). They all feature Kashi's 7 Whole Grains & Sesame blend crust with flax seeds. And each serving has 4-5g fiber, 8g whole grains, and 15-19 grams of protein. There are THREE servings per pie, so be careful!

Fizzix Yogurt - Imagine if yogurt and club soda fell in love and had little, fizzy, yogurt-y babies (just do it!). Fizzix is targeted at teens, but because it has just 80 calories (and 2g fat), it's a fun, snazzy snack (in flavors like Blue Raspberry Rage, Wild Cherry Zing, & Watermelon Rush) for adventurous calorie-counters. (Pssst -- these should be on shelves VERY soon!)
Zero-Points Food ALERT!!!
Zero-Points Food ALERT!!!
Stuff You Didn't Know You Needed...

Barking Hot Dog Cooker - We're not ashamed to admit that we're in love with this item (we've fallen for worse). Steam up to six hot dogs at a time, and when the franks are done, your canine cooker will start to bark. We kid you not. BTW, our favorite hot dogs are those 50-calorie Hebrew National 97% Fat Free ones. Mmmmm!

Sarah Hood Five Spice Necklace - Maybe your fantasies about becoming a Spice Girl didn't actually involve wearing spices on your person (we love saying that... "on your person"... Ha!), but this necklace is actually pretty funky, and it's also practical for when, say, you're visiting grandma and she's serving some bland soup. (Um, this necklace is $780 -- we'll just wear our kitchen paprika on a chain, thankyouverymuch!)

Edge Brownie Pan - Do you LOVE the chewy edges best when you bake your No Pudge or VitaBrownies? Check out this groovy pan from The Baker's Edge. More chewy edges = happy times! (FYI, this crazy-popular pan even has its own MySpace page.) 

The Buzz...

Wow -- we are literally days (or minutes) away from reaching the 300,000th subscriber mark (we can't believe it either!), so we're celebrating with an HG GOODIE GIVEAWAY! We need your help getting to 300,000 FAST. All you need to do is tell as many people as you can about HG's daily emails, and ask them to sign up and mention YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS in the "How did you hear about HG?" section. We'll be scouring our subscriber list for true fans who pop up frequently -- and we'll be sending them goodies. We're going to be giving away dozens of prizes like HG keychains, pens, T-shirts and more. So tell everyone you know to sign up for HG ASAP!!! ***Check out the nifty pocket-sized CardioChek! You'll be able to measure your cholesterol, HDL ("good" cholesterol), triglycerides, glucose and more -- all in the privacy of your own home -- and this handy gadget is just 99 bucks. Find it at Wal-Mart and other major retailers, or click here for more info. It can be a lifesaver. ***Ever heard of Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy? They have a (very entertaining) weekly weight loss radio show/podcast and they're close pals of HG. Click here for more info and to hear HG's Lisa on their show (her interview starts around 39 minutes into the show). ***FOOD NETWORK SPOILER ALERT (stop reading if you TIVO'ed the show and haven't watched yet)!!!! A big fat CONGRATS to Amy Finley, The Next Food Network Star.  Hope the power of HG helped you win. YOU ROCK! That's all we've got. HG out!
Tell Your Friends... Win Prizes!
Tell Your Friends... Win Prizes!
Today, July 23rd, is National Vanilla Ice Cream Day! You know what to do -- have a scoop of Dreyer's/Edy's Slow Churned Light. Yum!
HG News You Can Use: Try the new Atkins Advantage Peanut Fudge Granola Bar! It's packed with protein (16g) and fiber (7g), and only has 1 gram of sugar. Woohoo! Click for more info.
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