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$24.95 Includes Shipping!
$24.95 Includes Shipping!
HG's Next Limited Edition Item is HERE!!!

We're not going to make any small talk here, people. LOOK AT THIS INSANELY ADORABLE HG COOLER TOTE!!!! We have 1,500 of them for sale -- RIGHT NOW!!! And once they're gone, they're GONE. It's soooooo cute and PERFECT for carrying your lunch to work (everyone will be very jealous), and it can also be used as a purse (yes, it's THAT cute). Click here to buy it. The first 200 orders will receive FREE HG tattoos. Weeeeeeee!
Food Trend Alert: Caffeine-Infused EVERYTHING!!!

Coffee and soda aren't the only ways to get your caffeine these days. Dozens of food products featuring a caffeine kick are EXPLODING onto the market. A few months back, everyone was buzzing about a caffeine-packed donut. The latest products to hit shelves are:

Java Pops - Coffee-ish flavored lollies that contain 60mg of caffeine (about the same as a small cup of coffee).

Blitz Caffeine Energy Gum, Penguin Energy Gum and Jolt Caffeine Energy Gum - The caffeine content varies on these chewables.

NRage Energy Strips - They dissolve on your tongue. 4 strips = the same amount of caffeine as one cup of coffee.

Sumseeds Energized Sunflower Seeds - The most unique of all, these seeds contain caffeine, taurine, lysine and ginseng. Odd!

***Heads up! Experts say to keep your caffeine intake to 200 - 300mg per day!
The Caffeine Scene!
The Caffeine Scene!
Yummy & Yellow!
Yummy & Yellow!
Contests for You to Try to Win!!!!

Go Nuts! - Win a $20,000 dream patio courtesy of Sunkist Almond Accents! You have 'til midnight on the 12th of August to enter. Click here for contest details (and for info about their delicious, thinly sliced nuts!).

Mustard Love - Love mustard? Prove it! Enter the "Food Loves French's Love Story Contest" and you can win awesome prizes, including having your winning entry turned into an animated webisode that'll appear on the French's site. Awesome!

Guac Party - The country's best-selling guacamole ROCKS, but it doesn't have a name. You can help. Click here to vote and for a chance to win cool prizes (like iPods and things!). 

Stuff You Didn't Know You Needed...

Cupcake-Shaped Table - Our friends over at Jellio (the same geniuses who brought us the insanely cute GummiLights) have launched their Birthday Table. It looks like a giant cupcake wrapper, and we love it lots!

Pie Slice Ejector - Your days of difficult pie and cake slicing are over. Sayonara, sticky fingers and misshapen slices! Check it out.

Tovolo Popsicle Molds - Make super-large, guilt-free, fun-shaped pops out of your favorite low-cal beverages. There are also fun ice cream sandwich molds. Soooo cute -- check 'em out!
Calorie-Free & Cupcake-tastic!
Calorie-Free & Cupcake-tastic!
Breaking Frappuccino News!
Breaking Frappuccino News!
The Buzz...

Starbucks is getting Frap-happy this summer! They're releasing TWO MORE Frappuccino Lights mañana -- Strawberries & Crème Blended Crème and Blueberries & Crème Blended Crème. If you want to indulge, go for it (a Tall Strawberries & Crème has 150 calories and a Tall Blueberries & Crème has 140 -- and they're both fat-free!). Just make sure you say LIGHT! Speaking of blended beverages, don't miss our Raspberry Mocha Madness recipe coming up TOMORROW! ***If you love YouTube and food, check out, a new site jam-packed with amateur food videos (like a homegrown Food Network). Fun! ***If you're a fan of HG's favorite healthy beverage, FRS, and you love the convenience of one-click ordering on Amazon, listen to this. FRS is now available at Yay! (Heads up -- this stuff sells out FAST!) ***While we're on the subject of orange beverages, a new study has found that orange juice is packed with flavonoids, which help fight diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Researchers say the health benefits of drinking orange juice far outweigh its high sugar content. Click here to read more. That's all we've got. HG out!
Today, July 30th, is National Cheesecake Day. Celebrate with HG's Cheesecake Bites. Yum!!!
HG News You Can Use: Try the new Atkins Advantage Peanut Fudge Granola Bar! It's packed with protein (16g) and fiber (7g), and only has 1 gram of sugar. Woohoo! Click for more info.
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