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Dear Hungry Girl,

I absolutely LOVE jalapeno poppers, but I don't love all their calories and fat. Do you have a guilt-free recipe that will satisfy my craving?

Jalapeno Love
Dear J-Love,

Jalapeno poppers ROCK!!! The trouble is, they're typically crazy-fattening 'cuz they're basically cheese-stuffed, deep-fried peppers. There's nothing low-cal sounding about that, is there? Luckily, a few months back, a bunch of the HG staffers were craving poppers, and so we decided to grab our favorite faux-frying friend (Fiber One) and see how it worked in a guilt-free popper recipe. It was a SMASHING success! I am OBSESSED with these things, and they're so good, they'll fool ANY popper freak into thinking they're the real deal. Check out the recipe for our famous Jalapeno Swappers here. And remember, the longer you cook 'em, the less spicy they'll be. Have fun poppin' it up!!!


What are some things I can substitute for carby rice, pasta or potatoes as a side dish with my meat and veggies?

Side Dish Diva
Dear Side Dish Diva,

Great Q! Since I rarely eat rice, pasta or potatoes, I've become quite the expert on side dishes that satisfy a starchy carb craving. My all time favorite side dish swap would have to be Tofu Shirataki noodles (but you may have known that already). To me, these noodles are as satisfying as pasta and are fantastic with almost any meal. They're especially great with cheesy sauces. In addition to those famous Japanese noodles, I am also obsessed with butternut squash. I think b-nut squash is the most underrated food on the planet. I nuke and mash it, and then either eat it straight or mixed with a bit of SF maple syrup. Sometimes I add a little cumin and turn it into a sort of "refried beans" side dish. I also slice and bake it into fries (check out the recipe for Bake-tastic Butternut Squash Fries!). This stuff is the GREATEST! Another satisfying side dish is my bean sprout "pasta". I stir-fry bean sprouts and then mix some low-calorie marinara and reduced-fat grated parmesan into it. Mmmmm! For a few more side dish ideas, check out our email on calorie-cutting spaghetti swaps. Hope these ideas help...

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