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Here are some beverages you'll want to watch out for... they SEEM super-healthy, but they pack a MAJOR calorie punch!    

Seems like Nestlé is trying to pull a fast one on us with their Nesquik Strawberry Reduced Fat Milk. A fruit-flavored dairy drink with less fat sure sounds innocent enough. But each 16-ounce bottle contains 400 calories and 10 grams of fat! And that's for MILK (it's not even a milkshake)! If you're wondering how these insane stats are possible, consider the fact that there are no actual strawberries in this stuff (the "strawberry" part comes courtesy of high fructose corn syrup, sugar, and artificial flavors and coloring). Nice try Nestlé, but we'll pass on this wacky moo juice.

Hungry Girl Warning: Reduced-fat fruit 'n dairy combos are often diet-busters in disguise.

Naked Juice's All Natural Protein Juice Smoothie is scary-high in calories. One bottle contains approximately FIVE HUNDRED of 'em, plus around 8 grams of fat and 64 carbs. This juice does have lots of protein and vitamins, but there are definitely better ways to get those than drinking this thick, calorie-infested juice drink.

Hungry Girl Warning: Don't be fooled by this gloppy goo! A quick glance at the label may have you thinking it only has 250 calories, but it contains about TWO servings!

Don't get us wrong; we're not denying that pomegranate juice is good for you. In fact, it's chock-full of vitamins and antioxidants. But it's also pretty high in calories. A typical 1-cup serving of the stuff contains around 150 of them (a bit more than most other juices). We recommend that you chew on this fun fruit instead (a pomegranate only has 100 calories). Or, try adding a few ounces of pom juice to some Diet 7UP -- not only will you get the benefits from the pomegranate juice without too many calories, but you'll also end up with a delicious, fizzy and refreshing beverage!

Hungry Girl Warning: Watch out! Pomegranate juice calories rack up quickly -- those personal-sized pints contain around 300 of 'em.

Jamba Juice's Orange Dream Machine proves that smoothies can be a bigtime dieting no-no. Each Power-sized one packs in a whopping 670 calories, 144g carbs and an INSANE 136 grams of sugar. That's more calories than a Big Mac... a LOT more! Seems this Orange "Dream" is actually one big beverage nightmare. Orange you glad we warned you? Our advice: Try a Jamba Light smoothie instead. A 16-oz. Strawberry Nirvana has 150 calories (and even the Power-sized one has less than half the calories of that awful Orange Dream). Not bad!

Hungry Girl Warning: Beware of super-sized smoothies, and don't kid yourself into thinking anything with fruit in the title is diet-friendly.

Sure, you wouldn't think that Hershey's Vanilla Cream MilkShake is calorie-free, but would you think that one little bottle of the stuff could contain 640 calories, 14 grams of fat (9 of them saturated), 110 carbs and 88 grams of sugar? It's sad, but true.

Hungry Girl Warning: This fat-filled milkshake is a drinkable disaster and should be avoided at all costs. And watch out for that tricky labeling -- there are TWO 320-calorie servings in each 14-ounce bottle.

Do you know how many calories can be jammed into those massive fountain sodas sold at movie theaters, fast-food restaurants and convenience stores? Close to 400! Burger King's King Size Coca Cola, for example, contains 390 artificially colored calories. Talk about a royal mistake. Swap it out with a Diet Coke, and you'll take in virtually no calories at all. Then you can splurge on a little snack instead.

Hungry Girl Warning: Soda calories are horrendous. Why drink 'em?
  *Please note that we are NOT bashing fruit juices. We just want you to be aware that small amounts of the stuff can be highly caloric, and calorie-counters may find the actual fruit to be more filling (and a better use of calories).
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