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We HEART Frank's RedHot!!!
We HEART Frank's RedHot!!!
Spotted On Shelves...

Frank's RedHot Original Beef Jerky - We love Frank's RedHot so much it hurts (but it doesn't hurt to eat it, 'cuz despite the name, it's not that spicy!). And we hear their new 70-calorie, 1.5g-of-fat (per serving) jerky is fantastic. And word on the street is that even people who don't typically enjoy jerky are flipping over it. Sadly, we haven't tried it yet -- but we expect that to change any minute.

Mrs. Smith's Heavenly 100 Dessert Snacks - Holy smokes! The new, adorably packaged, 100-calorie desserts from Mrs. Smith have the HG inbox all abuzz! We've received more emails about these things than any other product this summer. Craziness!!! The line features frozen Mousse Cups (in a whole bunch of flavors), a Chocolate Cake Slice (complete with whipped topping), and an Apple Crisp Cup (warm apple streusel in under a minute!). And with only 2 - 4g fat each, these babies have just 2 Points each! We haven't spotted these yet, but apparently everyone else has (and we're jealous!).

Mott's for Tots Juice Drinks - These juice drinks (each is a mix of 100% juice and purified water) contain way less sugar than straight juice and have no artificial sweeteners, and each single-serving juice box has just 50 - 60 calories. They come in Apple, Apple White Grape, Fruit Punch, and Strawberry Banana. Don't let the name fool you -- these can be enjoyed by ANYONE who loves juice, not just kids (but calling the product "Mott's for People Who Want Low-Calorie, Less-Sugar-Than-Juice Drinks" really wasn't an option).
The Biggest Loser - Casting Call Alert!!!

Do you know someone who would be PERFECT for the TV show The Biggest Loser? Last year's winner took home $250,000 (and lost 214 lbs)!!!! There are only a few open casting calls left, but ANYONE can apply via mail until September 4th. NBC is looking for twins, family members, co-workers, friends, retirees, and individuals who are ready to shed pounds and win some dough. It's a totally cool opportunity -- so click here to check out all the details about the LIVE casting calls and how to apply via mail.
You Can Be On TV!
You Can Be On TV!
Stuff You Didn't Know You Needed

Apple Jackets - Don't take your apples to work NAKED (and we mean both YOU and YOUR APPLES). Why not protect them, keep them warm, and make them look all pretty by stuffing them inside these beauteous, hand-knit apple jackets? Warning: Your friends and co-workers will be mighty jealous (and so will all the grapes and bananas).

The SensorfreshQ - This ingenious "meat-sniffer" sizes up the freshness of your meat in seconds by detecting the presence of bacteria and gasses surrounding your uncooked meat. The results are color-coded (green means "fresh", yellow means "okay, but not for long" and red means "don't eat it"). Boy, this sure sounds gross, but it could certainly prove to be very helpful for those who have "olfactory issues" (aka people who are bad at smelling things).

Giant Cupcake Cake Pan - With this pan, you'll be able to bake up a ginormous cupcake that'll make everyone oooh and ahhh. Just make sure you use some sort of guilt-free cake batter. Or better yet, use VitaMuffin Mix and bake up the world's largest VitaMuffin. Weeeee!
The Buzz...

A food-sciences professor has discovered that using a certain food enzyme can actually deactivate peanut allergens, the chemicals that sometimes cause fatal reactions in peanut-allergic people. If these findings prove to be true, this could be a HUUUUGE breakthrough. Read more about it here. ***An Italian study recently found that both red and white wine might actually fight bacteria that causes cavities. Before you toss your Crest in favor of a splash of vino, you need to know that this study was done in a lab with isolated acids, not in an actual mouth with your average Cabernet, so it's probably a little too early to raise a glass and say "cheers" to the discovery. ***Just a heads up that this coming Saturday, August 18th, is National Homeless Animals' Day. Be on the lookout for local events in your community, and if you're looking for a furry new friend, remember to rescue one from a shelter or from HG wants to do whatever we can to help animals -- we love them. ***Oooooh... Dreyers's/Edy's has officially added "Take The Cake" to their permanent lineup of Slow Churned Light Ice Creams. Guess all of our begging and pleading paid off. Thanks for voting zillions of times and helping make it the clear winner. Now we'll all be able to enjoy it for a VERY long time! That's all we've got. HG out!
Peanut Allergies Go Bye Bye?!
Peanut Allergies Go Bye Bye?!
August is National Brownies at Brunch Month. So remember to toss a VitaBrownie in your purse before heading out for early afternoon eats. (And if you're feeling generous, bring a few for your friends, too!)
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