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Yay... Ice Cream!
Yay... Ice Cream!
Spotted on Shelves...

Weight Watchers Ice Cream Cups - Have you seen the new flavors these portion-controlled ice cream cups come in? There's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (2 Points!), Chocolate Fudge Brownie (2 Points!), Mint Chocolate Chip (2 Points!), and Turtle Sundae (3 Points!). Yum!!!

Betty Crocker Warm Delights Minis - Yes, we know these are just teeny tiny versions of the larger, over-caloried dessert bowls. But portion control ROCKS, and these bowls do too. For 150 calories, you'll SQUASH any chocolate craving -- guaranteed!

Jimmy Dean D-Lights - More slimmed-down b-fast sandwiches... yay! These come to us courtesy of sausage king Jimmy Dean. Packed with things like turkey sausage, canadian bacon, black forest ham, egg whites and cheese, it's hard to believe these things have just 280 calories or less each. We're looking forward to sampling 'em soon!
VERY Veggie News!

Green Giant Health Blends Hit Shelves - These flavored veggie mixes each have a special spin -- there's Healthy Weight, Healthy Vision and Immunity Boost - and all are packaged microwave-ready and taste delicious! They're rolling out now, so scour the freezer aisle carefully.

AmazonFresh Launches - Remember the days when Amazon was all about BOOKS?! Now, you can purchase almost ANYTHING on the planet via Amazon. And here's one more thing you can add to the list: fresh groceries! AmazonFresh is being test-marketed in Seattle, and you can spot their trucks on the road -- RIGHT NOW -- out delivering fresh veggies, eggs and fish, as well as frozen and shelf-stable stuff too (they'll even bring the goods right into your kitchen!). If it's a success, you can expect to see their trucks popping up in your neighborhood, too. Yowsa!

Breakout Lasagna Recipe Hits the Web - And, of course, the BIGGEST veggie news of all is that we have created a completely guilt-free, ALL-VEGGIE lasagna. No noodles, just veggies (okay, and cheese, sauce and some other good stuff). In case you missed it last week, click here NOW, and promise us you'll try this recipe. It's life-changing!!!!!
Veggies Rock Our Socks!!!!
Veggies Rock Our Socks!!!!
Stuff You Didn't Know You Needed...

Curvy Kebabs - Have a curly wurly BBQ! Your various & sundry meats, fishes and veggies will look soooo fancy on these twirly skewer thingees. You'll be the envy of all your friends and relatives (or at least the people who like swervy skewers). An added bonus? No more dangerous pointy ends hanging off your plate!

ChocoPod Purse - OMG! It's a cute little "purse" full of 60-calorie chocolicious treats that are filled with flavored caramel (there's a passion fruit one, banana, and strawberry). YAAAAAAAAAAAA... our heads are about to pop off!

Heart Measuring Spoons - You'll fall in love with these heart-shaped spoons. They'll make measuring spoonfuls of things at least 28% more fun. Heads up: These are pretty fancy, with a FANCY (aka expensive) price tag to match.
The Buzz...

We recently heard that drinking three cups of coffee or tea a day could actually help older women sustain their memory. According to a French study, it's the caffeine that plays the biggest factor in these findings. And speaking of caffeine, a separate US study found that a combination of exercise and caffeinated water (aka coffee or tea) could actually reduce the damaging effects the sun has on the skin. But don't think that means you can chug some iced coffee and skip the sunscreen... you can't. Click for more on that. ***Ever wonder which states are the chubbiest and which are the thinnest? New analysis by CalorieLab shows that Mississippi has maintained its stance as the "fattest" state, Colorado is this year's "leanest", and California is the only state that isn't getting pudgier overall. Click to read more. ***Need help searching food data? Check out the new handy dandy (and totally FREE) Food Awareness Toolbar from our pals at CalorieKing and Joslin Diabetes Center. It'll work with your current browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer) to help you search food and nutrition info more effectively. Good stuff! That's all we've got. HG out!
Coffee Talk
Coffee Talk
Today, August 20th, is National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day. Celebrate with a 180-calorie Chocolate Pecan Pie bar from Luna. Mmmmmmmm!
HG News You Can Use: Try the new Atkins Advantage Peanut Fudge Granola Bar! It's packed with protein (16g) and fiber (7g), and only has 1 gram of sugar. Woohoo! Click for more info.
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