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We love snacks.  And we find it nearly impossible to control portions. That's why we were as giddy as squirrels at a trail mix sample sale when we found out about Nabisco's new 100 Calorie Packs.

As skeptics, however, we figured that each little pouch would hold about 3 bite-sized cookies or crackers. This is not the case, thanks to the fact that these bags contain  light versions of Nabisco's signature snacks.  We sampled Wheat Thins, Cheese Nips, Oreo Thin Crisps and Chips Ahoy Thin Crisps.  We opted not to try the fruit snacks (they weren't as interesting).  In addition to having fewer calories, these taste-alikes are also low in fat (2-3 g per pack).   The Wheat Thins & Cheese Nips are even better than the originals.  And the Chips Ahoy and Oreo Thin Crisps are delicious, but more like sweet crackers than cookies (which we think is a good thing). The portions aren't skimpy either.  We counted the contents of the bags and each one had between 15 and 20 treats--definitely enough to satisfy a sweet tooth or crunch craving.  The Verdict: 2 Yums Up!

HUNGRY GIRL TIP: We're not alone in our love of these calorie-friendly packs. They're selling out everywhere. When you do find 'em, stock up!

WEIGHT WATCHERS ALERT!  Counting points? Each bag contains just two.


Snacking throughout the day can increase your metabolic rate and stimulate your body to burn more fat.  Just remember to make smart, healthy snack choices!

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