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Yes, you can eat bread--even if you're dieting.  Here some of Hungry Girl's Picks!

Safeway Select "I'm Watching My Carbs" White Bread 

This bread is GREAT! It's kinda sweet and tastes good right out of the bag, but it's even better toasted.  With just 60 calories, a half a gram of fat, 4 grams of protein, 10 total carbs and 4g of fiber per slice, it's also diet-friendly.  You can find it where Safeway Select items are sold--at Safeway, Von's and Pavillion's.


Carb-Counting 100% Whole Wheat Bread 

This could possibly be the most REAL tasting low carb bread EVER. It's got 9 total carbs, 4g protein, 1.5g of fat, 3g of fiber and 60 calories per slice. It doesn't taste any different than Oroweat's regular wheat bread but it has HALF the carbs and it's low in fat.  Yay!

*FOR CARB-COUNTERS        & POINTS-COUNTERS! - Low Carb Bagel Bars
These bread treats are fantastic. They come in two flavors (multigrain & cinnamon raisin pecan) and have just 80-100 calories and 7-8 net carbs each. They're great alone, with a spread (like natural fruit jam or Laughing Cow Light cheese) or even used as a fancy-schmancy hot dog bun! Buy 'em online at The good news is, they're individually-wrapped and they freeze great so you can stock up on 'em.


Cheeters Diet Treats - Cinnamon Bread 

Cheeters Diet Treats Products are available at low carb markets and on the Cheeters Diet Treats website, but honestly, a lot of their stuff is very high in fat so we tend to avoid it. Their cinnamon bread, however, is unbelievably good and good for you.  Each slice has 70 calories, 8 total carbs, 6g of fiber and 1g of fat.  And it's so delicious there's no need to put anything at all on it.  Mmmmmmm!


Wonder Light Buns

Wonder light bread and buns are an old favorite of ours.  We love these fluffy things!  They're one WW point each, and will add just 80 calories to your burger or hot dog. They're not low in carbs but they're awesome for people who follow the Weight Watchers diet plan.


Do you find that bread often goes moldy 'cuz you take too long to eat it? Freeze it, then defrost as you need it! Remember to double bag it to avoid the dreaded freezer burn.

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