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Spotted on Shelves...

Green Giant Kid-Friendly Veggies - Little ones do NOT eat enough vegetables. And Green Giant is trying to change that. This month, packages for SIX varieties of frozen and canned Green Giant veggies will feature cartoon characters from the TV shows SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, and Go Diego, Go! The frozen veggies come in butter sauce and include collectible stickers (thankfully, those aren't covered in butter!), and all the veggie products are low in fat and have just 20 - 80 calories per serving. KIDS, SHMIDS -- we want these, too!!!!

100-Calorie Sightings - HG subscribers have spotted 100-calorie packs of M&Ms, Twix bars, 3 Musketeers bars, and Blue Diamond Almonds. Some people enjoy celebrity sightings -- we live for 100-calorie pack sightings. (We are what we are!) SEND YOUR SIGHTINGS TO US... It makes us happy!

Yoplait Yo-Plus Yogurt - 110 calories, 1.5g fat and 3g fiber (POINTS® value 2*) in each tasty cup. This stuff is packed with probiotics and prebiotics to help keep your digestive system in check, and it comes in cherry, peach, vanilla and strawberry. Want more info about those fancy biotics and what they do? Click here!
Look... BOOKS!

Sometimes we read things other than nutrition labels. Here's what's HG-worthy this week...

The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth - Acclaimed nutritionist Jonny Bowden penned this book. It's packed with info (and glossy pics) of good-for-you foods, and it ROCKS. It actually reminds us of our favorite food bible (we LIVE for this one), The World's Healthiest Foods -- and if you ask us, there should be room in your library for BOTH.

The Dorm Room Diet Planner - Dr. Oz (Oprah's BFF) has a daughter named Daphne, and she's written some super-fantastic books. This latest one is a companion book to her first book, The Dorm Room Diet. It features tips, checklists, and room to track your progress... plus it comes with a workout DVD! Both of these books are must-haves for college students -- so spread the word if you know anyone who's currently away at school.
Books About Food = Fun!
Books About Food = Fun!
Bargains & Free Stuff... YAY!

FREE KASHI SNACKS! - Sorry for yelling, we're just really excited! Free snacks are worth shouting about. Click here to find out about The Kashi Snack Drive and how you can trade in bad-for-you snacks for healthy ones. You can catch up with Kashi on the road or just take part in the virtual snack drive. Woohoo!

FREE SHIPPING AT AMY'S!! - Ooops, we're screaming again. But FREE SHIPPING IS AWESOME! Now when you shop for Amy's stuff online ('cuz it's not always easy to find all of their stuff at supermarkets), you'll get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $30.00. That's fantastic... and this offer will not expire (this is what they tell us).

Free Health Screenings from Kellogg's - Even though we're not using all caps, this is super-important and very cool. Click here, type in your zip code, and find out where you can go to get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked by onsite health-care pros -- for FREE. Do it!

Bargain Alert! - We spied these useful and adorable MES portion control bowls over at (a site that sells all kinds of cute stuff), and in the spirit of keeping portions and calories in check, our pals over at Delight are giving HGers a 15% discount on these bowls (and everything else on the site) until the end of September. Just use code HUNGRYDELIGHT to get your discount.
The Buzz...

We LOOOVE almonds, so we hope the following is true. A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition says all kinds of INSANELY good things about almonds -- like how people who eat them regularly weigh less than people who don't, and how the fiber in them may actually block some of the fat and calories they contain. We kid you not. It's worth reading about, so click here. ***Speaking of nuts, a seemingly kooky yet reputable study is claiming that the color of your tablecloth can actually affect how much you eat. It says bright yellow and orange cloths make you eat MORE, while brown, navy and dark green ones cause you to eat less. We say how much you eat likely has more to do with how good the food is than the hue of your table skirt ("table skirt"... hee-hee!) -- but who knows?! ***Wanna win a trip to have dinner with the world's STEAMIEST chef? Or how about a trip to Miami for a private cooking class and a VIP gourmet dinner? Check out the Glad Steamiest Chef Sweepstakes ASAP for all that and more. Cool stuff! ***Tired of confusing nutrition labels? Next month Kellogg's will roll out their new "Nutrition at a Glance" labels on their ready-to-eat cereals. The new packages will feature easy-to-read nutritional highlights (like calories, fat and sugar) right on the front of the box. We haven't seen 'em up close yet, but Tony the Tiger says, "They're GRRREEEEEEATTTTT!" And, on that incredibly corny note, we are happy to report... that's all we've got. HG out!
Go Nuts!
Go Nuts!
Today, September 10th, is TV Dinner Day. Celebrate with a Lean Cuisine Panini or some TV-friendly entrée from Amy's. Yum!
HG News You Can Use: Try the new Atkins Advantage Peanut Fudge Granola Bar! It's packed with protein (16g) and fiber (7g), and only has 1 gram of sugar. Woohoo! Click for more info.
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