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The supermarket aisles aren't safe. Thankfully HG is here to warn you about some products that should NEVER weasel their way into your cart (or stomach)...   

Warning! Beware of TJ's Greek Style Honey Yogurt. It may seem healthy, and it can easily be mistaken for Fage Total 0% Greek Yogurt, which Trader Joe's ALSO sells. But this particular Greek-style, honey-flavored stuff is packing an outrageous 330 calories and 19g fat per 1-cup container! That's a dairy disaster! BTW, Fage makes Total 2% with Honey that has only 180 calories and 2.5g fat per 5.3-oz. container (yes, we know it's a little smaller, but it's still a WAY better option).

Do NOT assume anything labeled Lunchables is automatically a balanced meal in a box. Oscar Mayer Lunchables Maxed Out Ultimate Nachos with Cheese Dip & Salsa crams an astonishing 580 calories and 27 fat grams (8 of them saturated) into that not-so-large box. While we were obsessing over the insane 42% of the recommended daily amount of fat this little meal packs in, it occurred to us that this figure is based on an average adult's 2,000-calorie diet! To sum it up, this crazy kids meal (which comes with water, a fruit punch mix-in packet, and a fruit snack) is definitely NOT a reasonable choice for your little one. The good news? Kraft (Oscar M's parent company) labels their good stuff with a Sensible Solution flag, so keep an eye out for that when shopping.

We're actually glad that T.G.I. Friday's decided to add these onion rings to their line-up of frozen snacks as opposed to their appetizer menu. It gave us the opportunity to scope out the nutritionals, and boy are they scary! Just THREE frosty, boxed onion rings will run you a ridiculous 180 calories and 8 grams of fat! That's more calories (and way more fat) than FIFTEEN of HG's Lord of the Onion Rings! And don't think the stats for the onion rings served up at restaurants or fast-food joints are any better -- those are even worse!

We commend Reese's and Hershey's for their yummy 100-calorie snacks like Snacksters and portion-controlled chocolate bars, but their ice cream toppings disgust us. Reese's, Hershey's AND Heath Shell Toppings are spin-offs of the Smucker's classic Magic Shell -- only worse! These liquid condiments, which turn solid once they hit your ice cream, each pack an alarming 210 - 220 calories and 17 - 18 fat grams per 2-tbsp. squirt! YUK! And keep in mind, that's without the ice cream! What a mess those terrifying toppings are...

Don't let the side of broccoli shown on the box fool you. Claim Jumper's Salisbury Steak (with gravy, mac & cheese, and the mini broc trees) is so loaded with calories and fat, we seriously don't know how they squeezed 'em all into one TV dinner. Chew your way through CJ's meaty frozen meal and you'll have swallowed 630 calories and 36 fat grams. Believe it or not, that simple salisbury steak takes the cake -- it's worse than nearly all the country-fried chickens and layered lasagnas in the freezer aisle. Why do it, when there are so many awesome options by Lean Cuisine, Smart Ones, Healthy Choice and more?!
Hey! September 28th is National Strawberry Cream Pie Day! Instead of downing a slice, slurp up one of HG's Strawberry Clouds. It's like a strawberry cream pie in a glass. Mmmmmm!
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