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HG Needs Your Help!
HG Needs Your Help!
Changing Times, Changing Labels...

Have you ever looked at a food label only to discover (much to your horror!) that a product you've been eating for a really long time suddenly has MORE calories and/or fat than it used to? In the past we've seen it happen with Lean Cuisine's Brick Oven Style Pizzas (which mysteriously jumped from having as few as 280 calories and no more than 320, to having 320 - 350 calories), The Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches, the ever-changing Boca patties, and many more. If YOU spot any changes in the nutritional information of your favorite HG staples (or ANY product you regularly eat!), PLEASE send 'em in to us so we can get the word out. And remember, pay VERY close attention to your food labels. Just a reminder from your friendly neighborhood Hungry Girl.
Spotted on Shelves...

Dreyer's/Edy's Limited Edition Apple Pie Frozen Dairy Dessert - Heads up, peeps! This stuff is NOT part of the Slow Churned line, but the stats are too good, and it tastes TOO delicious not to mention! Even though it's not billed as "light" or "low" in any way, this delicious pie crust 'n apple packed stuff has just 120 calories and 4g fat per half cup. Stock up now, 'cuz it'll be gone after November.

Dunkin' Donuts Coffee - Everyone says Dunkin' Donuts has the best coffee on the planet because it's true. And now that awesome coffee is finally available at a supermarket near you. This is super-exciting to us since we've been ordering it online forever.

Newman's Own All Natural Marinades - In Lemon Pepper, Mesquite with Lime, Teriyaki, and Herb & Roasted Garlic, these are low in calories and packed with awesome flavor. And salt-stickers will LOVE the Mesquite with Lime -- it's got WAY less sodium than most marinades. Any advice from Paul himself? "Pour it on. Slather it all over. Let it soak." Yes, sir!!
Ice Cream Alert!!!!
Ice Cream Alert!!!!
$10 Off? Isn't That Special?!
$10 Off? Isn't That Special?!
Cereals Are HOT This Week...

Get $10 to Spend on Jeans - Special K is challenging YOU to drop up to a jeans size and then buy new stuff that fits you better! Yep, just take the Special K Challenge, and they'll give you a voucher for ten dollars that you can spend on new pants. We LOVE new pants!!! (And Special K's not too bad either.) Click here for all the details.

YOU on a Cereal Box - Think you'd look all cute 'n snazzy on the front of a cereal box? Think you belong there? Prove it! Curves Foods is looking for REAL women to share their inspirational weight management stories through their "Real Change, Real Women" contest. If you win the grand prize, your mug (and probably the rest of you!) will appear on cereal boxes throughout the U.S. Your mom would be so proud...

Quaker Has Heart - This is GREAT. And simple. The folks at Quaker will donate a dollar to the Larry King Cardiac Foundation for every person who pledges to take their Smart Heart Challenge (up to $250,000). The challenge is a snap. Have your cholesterol tested, and then for 30 days eat oatmeal, limit saturated fats & badness, and exercise a bunch -- then test your cholesterol again. They say it'll be lower. We think this challenge is awesome and would LOVE to see Quaker donate a quarter of a million bucks to a great cause. So sign up!!!
The Buzz...

Can watching TV help you lose weight? Apparently so! A recent study published in the Journal of Health Communication found that people are likely to improve their eating habits and take steps to become healthier as a result of watching TV shows featuring either characters being counseled about eating better or hosts talking about health-related things. Looks like being a couch potato may not be so bad for you after all. Just choose your shows wisely. In other words -- more Oprah, less Emeril. ***Are you a kitchen klutz? You may want to check out They have step-by-step videos that show you how to do even the most basic cooking techniques, like boiling an egg or thawing ground beef. Fun (and helpful) stuff! ***Ooooh, a popular candymaker (Too Tarts) has unveiled a special sugar-free, fat-free melted-ice cream-flavored spray candy that has just 10 calories a serving. It comes in Blueberry, Strawberry, and Banana Split. Keep an eye out for it! That's all we've got. HG out!
TV Can Make You Thinner!
TV Can Make You Thinner!
Today, October 1st, is the start of PUDDING SEASON. Whip out those sugar-free Jell-O 60-calorie pudding snack cups and celebrate!
Coming up tomorrow... It's OUR FIRST Rockin' Rice Cake Recipe -- comin' at ya from Quaker & HG! CLICK HERE NOW to get your Rice Cakes coupon (Psssst... use it to make the recipes)!!!!
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