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Dear Hungry Girl,

It's cocktail party season, and I need help. I'm having a girls-only cocktail night, and I want to WOW everyone with some AMAZING low-calorie drinks. What'cha got for me, HG?

Party Time in PA
Dear Party Time,

GREAT idea! Stirring up fun drinks for your very own guilt-free cocktail party is definitely easier than figuring out which ones to order when you're out. If you're staying home and want to have something super-fun and easy, whip up a batch of our Magical Low-Calorie Margaritas. They're AMAZING (and NO ONE can tell the difference between them and regular ones, which typically have three times as many calories)! You can even make them without alcohol (for the designated driver or anyone who doesn't like to drink). Other must-haves to keep handy for your bash are Torani Sugar Free Syrups, Crystal Light drink mixes, fruity diet sodas, fresh fruit for garnishing and blending, and plenty of fresh ice! And stick with clear alcohols (like vodka and light rum) -- those have fewer calories than creamy liqueurs. For more of my cocktail tips and recipes, click here, here and here! (And PLEASE make sure everyone drinks responsibly!)

Dear HG,

I have a problem. I eat breakfast and then find myself hungry about an hour after I finish. Typically I'll have a bowl of oatmeal or some cold cereal. What can I do to stay full in between breakfast and lunch?

Need More Food
Dear NMF,

I'm SO with you. As much as I love oatmeal and cold cereal, they simply don't keep me full for long after I eat them for breakfast. I prefer to go for protein-packed b-fasts instead of carb-based ones. I recommend all kinds of fun morning scrambles. Start with egg whites or some fat-free liquid egg substitute (like Egg Beaters) -- then mix in lots of delicious things.

Here's a quick Top Ate list of egg add-ins:

1. Fat-free cheeses
2. Veggies (peppers, onions, and mushrooms all ROCK in scrambles!)
3. Extra-lean turkey bacon (check out Jennie-O's version)
4. Low-fat sausage (look for chicken, turkey, and veggie sausage -- they're often the lowest in fat)
5. Veggie patties (chop one up and scramble it right in!)
6. Lean skinless chicken breast meat
7. Low-fat chili (makes a great omelette topper)
8. Turkey pepperoni

Sometimes I'll have two mini breakfasts. I'll start with one of those egg scrambles. Then a few hours later, I'll have a container of fat-free yogurt -- Fage Total 0% or Yoplait Light (both taste great and are very filling). If you want to add some low-calorie carbs to your scramble, try having it with a slice of light toast (with some sugar-free preserves!). Breaking up your morning meal is a good way to keep you feeling satisfied until it's time for lunch -- so once you figure out what a balanced and filling breakfast is for you (everyone is different), try splitting it up like this. Of course that means you're eating two breakfasts, but if they're small and sensible, then you're not consuming a crazy amount of calories. Good luck and happy breakfasting!!!

December is National Egg Nog Month. Don't miss our ROCKIN' nog swap next Tuesday. Yum!
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