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Hungry Girl's Salad Survival Guide...

Salad-Topper Warning:

The following can add shockingly high amounts of fat and calories to your salad. Try to avoid them:

Crunchy noodles - High in fat, carbs & calories.

Shredded Cheese - Low in carbs, but high in fat and calories.

Croutons - High in carbs, fat and calories.

Nuts - High in fat and calories.


Everyone knows about the hidden dangers of the Caesar salad, with all those croutons and that insane dressing.  But did you know that the seemingly innocent Greek Salad can be just as bad for you?  The olive oil and feta cheese alone can add up to over 350 calories!  And that's without tomatoes, olives, cucumbers or chicken.

Micro-manage Your Salad...It's OK!

Caesar Salad -- Top it off with grilled chicken, shrimp or salmon.  A little parmesan cheese is o.k., but skip the greasy croutons.  Order dressing on the side & lightly dip every OTHER bite.  A little goes a long way when it comes to Caesar dressing.

Asian Chicken Salad -- Indulge in the mandarin oranges, cabbage, lettuce and chicken.  Avoid the noodles and go easy on the nuts and dressing.

BBQ Chicken Salad -- Just say NO to the crispy onions or noodles and the cheese.  Enjoy the corn, black beans, chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and the rest of the veggies.  Add a little BBQ sauce for flavor instead of that high-fat ranch!

Lettuce Reminisce...
Back in the 70s and 80s, "dietetic" Chef Salads were all the rage.  These days, we know that huge hunks of fatty meats & cheeses smothered in Thousand Island dressing is far from healthy.  Calling that 900+ calorie item a salad is a stretch, wouldn't you say?

Fast Food Salads: "Dress" for Success!
When eating fast food salads, avoid full-fat dressings. Sometimes that cute little packet contains more fat & calories than the salad itself! Stick with the lowfat or fat free dressings and use only half of what they give you.

When you buy a package of ANYTHING, separate serving-size portions into Ziploc bags.  If you take the whole bag of pretzels with you to the couch, chances are you'll eat more than one serving.

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