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Exciting and Gnu!
Exciting and Gnu!
Spotted on Shelves...

Gnu Bar, Peanut Butter - You may already know we're obsessed with those fiber-packed Gnu Bars (which taste like delicious chewy cookies, and are all natural, low-cal, and nutritious). But did you know that the Gnu crew recently added a PEANUT BUTTER flavor to their line? Yep, it's true! This one has slightly more calories than the rest (150 per bar), but still has a POINTS® value of 2* just like the others. And those are great nutritionals -- especially for a PB find. Yay!

Torani Sugar Free Sweetener Syrup - The folks at Torani, masters of all things syrup-related, have added a plain sweet syrup to their sugar-free line. This calorie-free stuff is PERFECT for adding straight-up sweetness to cocktails, smoothies and recipes. SWEET!

Hansen's Sugar Free Pomegranate Green Tea, Sugar Free Peach Green Tea, and Sugar Free Acai Black Tea - Hansen's makes good stuff. The latest beverages from them that we're chasing down are these new 0-calorie iced teas. They're lightly sweetened and loaded with natural antioxidants. We love 'em!
You Voted - The WORST 100-Calorie Products of 2007!

Last week we asked, and YOU answered. We received over 200 emails from outraged HGers about many different unimpressive 100-calorie products. Here are the 3 that made you the SADDEST...

1. Little Debbie "100 Calories" Triple Fudge Brownies - This was HANDS DOWN the product you mentioned most. And, truth be told, it was actually the product that inspired us to ask you which 100-cal items you thought were sad and/or pathetic. When we opened the box of these and saw how ridiculously tiny they were, we could NOT help but laugh out loud. Sorry, Deb Deb. A better bet? Little Debbie's "100 Calories" Nutty Bar Singles (POINTS® value 3*).

2. Entenmann's Little Bites 100 Calorie Packs - No one complained about the taste of these things (which come in varieties like Brownie Squares and Blueberry Muffins), just about the fact that each pouch contains such an embarrassingly small portion. Oh well.

3. Pepperidge Farm 100 Calorie Cookie Pouches - Lots of complaints with these. The cookies are too small and there aren't enough of them. And they don't look anything like the cookies pictured on the box.

Thanks for weighing in -- now send us your FAVORITE 100-calorie items of the year, and we'll feature THOSE next week (this is fun!)...
Little Debbie - Little Brownies!
Little Debbie - Little Brownies!
Pistachios for Stress? That's NUTS!
Pistachios for Stress? That's NUTS!
Stressed Out? Chew on THIS!

New research suggests that people who are stressed are more likely to gain weight. And, to make matters WORSE, that weight would apparently go straight to their bellies. Yikes! Is this NEWS stressing you out? Fear not -- studies have also shown that there are things you can consume that can actually DE-STRESS you. And here they are now...

Pistachios - These can actually help lower stress-induced blood pressure spikes (even just a handful of 'em a day!). Our favorite pistachios come from Everybody's Nuts (we have a not-so-secret crush on their mascot, Stach).

Spinach - The magnesium in our leafy veggie friend can help relieve migraines and reduce fatigue, alleviating stress and leaving you more relaxed.

Oatmeal - The carbs in oatmeal release serotonin (the chemical messenger in the brain that makes you feel good and happy). And the fiber in it can help fill you up (also a good feeling!).

Oranges - Vitamin C is a stress-buster! It can help regulate blood pressure and bring your cortisol levels back to normal (cortisol increases as a response to stress).
The Buzz...

You've probably heard that eating foods that contain high fructose corn syrup (as opposed to foods with regular sugar) is to blame for causing people to eat more throughout the day. A new study out of Canada says that's simply not true. Participants drank a specified amount of solution made with either HFCS or regular sugars (each solution contained the same amount of calories). The study found that the people ate the same amount of food afterwards, regardless of which solution they consumed. Click for more. ***Recently published research from the Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Center suggests that eating as little as a half-cup serving of cooked dry beans each day can lower total cholesterol levels. And yes, we enjoy the fact that there is a nutrition center in a city called "Grand Forks". ***The holidays are here, and that means it's time for us to shamelessly promote our favorite food-related trivia game. If you think you're an expert on snacking pop culture, check out Eat It! (it's sort of like a Trivial Pursuit about snack foods, complete with coupons!). It's cute -- but it COULD make you hungry (just a friendly warning). ***Don't forget to check out the HG column on There's a brand-new one today, and it's all about HOLIDAY PARTIES! Click here to see it! That's all we've got. HG out!
HFCS News!
HFCS News!
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