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HG's Toasty Turkey Club
HG's Toasty Turkey Club

Let's Go Clubbing!
The average turkey club sandwich is a complete nutritional no-no, but every now and then you may want a toasty, mayo-y, bacon-packed turkey sandwich (you're only human). So check out HG's ROCKIN' recipe, and let the guilt-free chewing begin!

2 slices light bread (40 - 45 calories each with about 2g fiber per slice)
2 slices Jennie-O Extra Lean Turkey Bacon
2 oz. (about 4 - 6 slices) 98% fat-free turkey breast
2 slices tomato
2 leaves romaine lettuce
2 tsp. fat-free mayonnaise

Toast your bread. Cut bacon strips in half. Over medium heat, cook bacon strips in a pan sprayed with nonstick spray until crispy (about 5 minutes). Spread mayo onto one piece of bread, and then top with the turkey slices, tomato, lettuce, and bacon. Finish it all off with the other piece of bread, and get chewin'! MAKES 1 SERVING

Serving Size: 1 sandwich
Calories: 200
Fat: 3g
Sodium: 1,146mg
Carbs: 24g
Fiber: 6g
Sugars: 5g
Protein: 22g

POINTS® value 3*

Turkey Club Sandwich, Average
Turkey Club Sandwich, Average

Fright Club
We nearly fell on the floor when we saw the super-high stats for an average turkey club sandwich -- and we come face to face with food shockers ALL THE TIME. We expect crazy numbers when it comes to sandwiches loaded with mayo-packed salads (like egg and tuna) or lots of fatty cheese. But your basic turkey club sandwich is just turkey, bacon, veggies and some mayo... how bad can that be? Umm, try over 500 calories and 20 fat grams bad! And while those stats are for the average turkey club, there are some INSANE versions out there that are MUCH worse. Grab a turkey club at Cosi or Au Bon Pain, and you're looking at more than 700 calories and over 30 grams of fat (POINTS® value 16 - 19*)! Order Camille's Club at Camille's Sidewalk Café and (are you ready for this?) it'll cost you 1,003 calories and 46 fat grams (POINTS® value 23*)!!! Gross! Unless you're interested in purchasing larger pants in 2008, we recommend avoiding restaurant turkey clubs altogether... just whip up HG's Toasty Turkey Club at home. Yay!

Serving Size: 1 sandwich
Calories: 510
Fat: 21g
Sodium: 1,734mg
Carbs: 49g
Fiber: 3.5g
Sugars: 11g
Protein: 31g

POINTS® value 11*

  HG Heads Up! The sodium count for this recipe reflects the use of pre-cooked packaged turkey slices. Sodium-counters can nix about 500mg of sodium from this recipe by cooking and slicing up their own lean skinless turkey breast instead.
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