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Dear Hungry Girl,

My favorite food in the whole world is Thai. What are some safe options?  I have switched from appetizers to cucumber salad, but as for entrees I'm clueless!

-- Tied to Thai

Dear Tied to Thai,

There's some bad news here. Thai food is notorius for its coconut cream and peanut sauces. And those dishes are fatty and horrendous for your diet.  But don't lose faith in Thai yet. There are ways to go out for Thai food and eat healthy.  For starters, hot and sour soup is a good choice (and it's delicious).  Other healthy dishes include beef or chicken satay (without sauce), ginger chicken, Thai chicken breast and Thai seafood salad.  If you eat rice, stick to steamed as opposed to coconut.  Hungy Girl Hint:  Unless your goal is to go up a size before morning, steer clear of Mussaman Beef Curry.  It has twice the fat and calories of any other Thai dish. Ew!

Dear Hungry Girl,

I love, love LOVE macaroni & cheese.  Is there a way to enjoy it while on a diet? Please help me!

-- Mac 'n' Cheese-meister

Dear Mac 'n' Cheese-meister,

I too love mac & cheese but tend to avoid it because of all the fat and carbs.  However, every once in a while I indulge in some. When I do, it's always either Lean Cuisine's or Healthy Choice's version of this yummy dish. They have roughly 250-300 calories a serving, about 6-7g of fat and about 35-40 carbs each.  Either is a fine choice.  Be careful with some of the organic brands.  They may contain healthier ingredients (which of course is good) but sometimes the calorie, fat and carb content is thru the roof!  For example, Amy's Organic macaroni & cheese has 16g of fat, and Whole Foods 365 brand is lower in fat but has 117 carbs per serving!  If you're more of a carb-counter, Atkins does make mac & cheese, but a serving is only 5oz as opposed to 9oz.  And though it has just 10 carbs (7 effective carbs) per serving, it packs in 13g of fat in that small amount of food. Bottom line: Yes, there are ways to indulge in mac & cheese while dieting.  Just read labels carefully and pay close attention to serving sizes.

Today, August 25th, is National Banana Split Day. Try 1/2 a small banana, 1/2 cup of light vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries and fat free whipped cream for a diet-friendly celebration at home.

Do you have food faves you wanna share with Hungry Girl? Send 'em in! We'd loooove to hear about 'em!

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