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Dear HG,

I love you like a sister (really!), but that FRS deal you guys advertised a while back seemed a bit unfair. I ordered the free samples and then was signed up for a monthly plan, and they started charging my credit card automatically! Now I'm scared of the product, and I don't trust the company. Please advise...

Fearing the FRS
Dear Fearing,

Do NOT fear the FRS. I LOVE FRS! In fact, the other day my husband saw me slurping down my morning FRS and said, "You should tell people you're like Popeye, and FRS is your spinach." I thought it was funny, and he's right. I am TOTALLY Popeye after I down my FRS and I'm energized (luckily I don't have that annoying Popeye laugh -- aye-ki'ki'ki'ki'ki'ki'ki'k!). Back to your point. I know the FRS folks pretty well, and they are a great group. If I didn't completely believe in their product line and support it 100%, I would not allow them to advertise on HG. The deal from December DEFINITELY could have been more clear -- there's no doubt about it. But their intention was not to distress customers or pull the wool over people's eyes. I was so upset when I realized that subscribers felt the offer wasn't completely clear, and I immediately began working with FRS to ensure that it wouldn't happen again. That being said, the offers have been (and will continue to be) more up front. In the future, we'll be sure to be as specific as possible about the specials and even try to change them up a bit, too. And I am personally sorry for any inconvenience ordering the free FRS samples caused any of you. But don't let that affect how you feel about the stuff -- IT ROCKS (especially the Low Calorie Orange Concentrate).

Dear Hungry Girl,

I know this isn't typical HG subject matter, but do you know of any camisole-style undergarments that can help me look thinner? I want something that will help smooth me out. Got any tricks up your sleeve, HG? (Oh, and have you tried any great new 100-calorie items I should know about?)

Bumps in the Wrong Places
Dear Bumps,

You know what? Even though this IS a different type of Q for me, I DO happen to have some tricks up my sleeve (ha, literally!). I know of a fantastic company called Body Wrap that makes slimming undergarments that would be PERFECT for you. I actually wear their stuff myself and think it's amazing! They make tons of shapes, styles and sizes, so it's great for anyone. It's magical! Skinny'z by Bordeaux tanks and camis are also great -- they're seamless and hug you in all the right places. Those are fantastic (lots of stars wear 'em, too!). Any of these finds can literally make you look ten pounds thinner -- that comes in handy every now and then! As for the second part of your Q -- there are SOOOOO many new 100-calorie items out now, it's NUTS. But one that I recently tasted and absolutely LOVE is 100 Calorie Packs Candy Bites from Nabisco. It comes in Chips Ahoy! and Oreo varieties, and both are great (with a POINTS® value of 2* per pack). Each 100-calorie pouch contains a whole bunch of sweet, crunchy little cookie bits wrapped in candy coating that taste like their respective cookie titles. Yum! This stuff IS candy, so I don't recommend eating it all the time -- but if you're looking for a calorie-controlled sweet fix, these packs ROCK.

Today, January 23rd, is National Pie Day. Sounds like the perfect time to revisit HG's Too-Good-to-Deny-Pumpkin Pie!

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