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Ummm... It's Just Diet Soda!
Ummm... It's Just Diet Soda!
Spotted on Shelves...

Tava Zero Calorie Sparkling Beverages - Okay, we are SO not on board with the completely pretentious marketing campaign behind these new drinks -- but they do taste goooood. Great flavor and no calories. So we can tolerate the ridiculous spin PepsiCo has put on this diet soda line. Available in "Mediterranean Fiesta" (aka Black Cherry Citrus), "Brazilian Samba" (Passion Fruit Lime), and "Tahitian Tamure" (Tropical Berry Blend). Once you're through gagging over the names, try sipping these -- they're delicious!

Wholly Guacamole 100 Calorie Snack Packs - If you can't be trusted around bowls of guac but LOVE the taste of the stuff and the health benefits of avocados, you are in some serious luck! Our pals over at Wholly Guacamole have released 100-cal packs of their INSANELY delicious Classic Flavor guac (it's made with avocados, spices, and very little else!). Each pouch has 8g fat and an impressive 4g fiber (POINTS® value 2*). And the portion size is pretty large, too! Just stick with carrot sticks for dunking instead of chips. Look for these packs at supermarkets as well as at Target and Walmart locations with grocery sections.

Philadelphia 1/3 Less Fat Flavored Cream Cheese - If you love the taste of REAL cream cheese and can deal with 60 - 70 calories and 4.5 - 5g fat per 2-tbsp. serving (POINTS® value 2*), you should check out the latest offerings from our buddies over at Kraft. Find these new reduced-fat soft cream cheeses in Garden Vegetable, Chive & Onion, and Strawberry (and Plain, if you like your spread simple).
AM Slurpee Alert!

There's a new frozen coffee beverage in town -- and, shockingly, it appears to be guilt-free! 7-Eleven has combined two of their best-selling beverages -- coffee and the wildly popular Slurpee -- to make the brand-new Slurpuccino. And here's the big news -- this chilly new treat is NOT milk-based, it's very lightly caffeinated and fat-free, and it has just 61 calories per 8-oz. serving (POINTS® value 1*). The current flavor is Café Latte, and we are SOOO psyched to try it. Click here and register to get your buy-one-get-one-free coupon -- then slurp it up! This Slurpuccino is only available for a limited time, so get movin' if you want to try it. (Pssst... if you've already tried it, send us an email and let us know how it is!)
Slurpee Days Are Here Again!
Slurpee Days Are Here Again!
Stuff You Didn't Know You Needed...

Toasted Notes - If you're like us, you probably LOVE the idea of calorie-free buttered toast. So these stickies should excite you. They look EXACTLY like butter on toast, but they're just yellow self-stick notepads (like Post-its, but not -- otherwise they'd be called Toast-its!). Cute!

Hershey's Syrup Candle - If cute smelly candles are your thing, you'll LOVE this Hershey's Syrup candle. It smells like chocolate and comes complete with a real Hershey's Syrup label and a lead-free wick. Calories not included. Weeeeeee!

Stir Crazy Corn Popper - If you want to pop your own corn like in the good old days, check out this crazy poppin' contraption from West Bend. It requires way less oil than traditional poppers and has a nonstick popping surface. Available in two sizes and colors (clear or sassy red), it comes complete with a motorized stirring rod to ensure that all kernels pop. And the lid doubles as a serving bowl! Cool!
The Buzz...

Tired of spooning your honey? No, we're not asking if you're bored with your significant other -- we just wanna know if you find the gooey stickiness of honey annoying to deal with. We sure do -- that's why we're psyched about these Honey Drops. They're like little nuggets of the stuff that won't cause ANY trouble at all (unlike the out-of-control honey that's currently in your pantry). Each one has just 20 calories. ***Hey, Popchips fans -- two new flavors have arrived. The popped potato chips now come in Salt & Pepper and Sea Salt & Vinegar. Fancy! ***Do you know if the city you live in is healthy or not? Cooking Light has named their top 20 cities for eating smart, staying fit, and living well. Topping the list are Seattle, Portland, and Washington, D.C. Click here for the full list. ***Want MORE HG? Click here and here to check out our columns on the fabulous, and click here for all our articles on Yahoo! That's all we've got. HG out!
Honey You Can Hold in Your Hand!
Honey You Can Hold in Your Hand!

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