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Hole-y Moly!

Dream of bagels but never actually eat them?  Who can blame you?  The average bagel contains between 200 and 350 calories.  Well, it's time to do the happy bagel dance because Sara Lee (our new best friend) has introduced two new kinds of "Delightful" bagels -- in Whole Wheat and Plain.  These new heart-healthy treats contain 120 calories and 7g of fiber each.  Now, thanks to Sara, you'll be able to eat bagels and fit into your pants!

Diet Sprite:  The Newest Swan

Seems like everyone (and everything) is getting a makeover these days. now Diet Sprite.  After 30 years, the Coca Cola company is going to change the fizzy beverage's name to "Diet Sprite Zero."  The soda itself will remain the same but the packaging will be re-vamped.   Guess Coke execs think the "lymon" flavored diet beverage needs a little, er, kick in the can.  Diet Sprite Zero will hit shelves next week.  Personally, we enjoy Diet Sprite as is, but we trust Coca Cola to do the right thing.  After all, they are the geniuses behind Minute Maid Light Lemonade.

Big News Day for the Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday recently introduced a brand new menu with more than 30 additional choices that are lower in fat, carbs & calories.  If you want exact numbers, though, you'll have to do some digging.  While earlier this year the chain added nutritionals to their menu, they've recently changed their tune and removed the calorie, fat and carb counts.  Instead, they offer "Smart Eating Guides" (with all the nutritionals) at every table.  Why?    Our guess is it's because people stopped ordering the "Collosal Burger" (and other best-sellers) when they realized it contained 1,677 calories and 114 grams of fat!

Fleischmann's Transfers Out Trans Fats!

If you're like most people you probably avoid trans fats and have no idea why.  Well, um, they're bad for you.  We're happy to report that Fleischmann's can be added to the growing list of companies who care enough to rid their products of these evil fats.  The Fleischmann's folks recently announced that from here on in, all of their spreads will be completely trans fat free!  Weeeee!  No worries, the new buttery toppings still have the same delicious light taste.  Spread the word...

Today is Labor Day. It's also National Coffee Ice Cream Day.  Skip Haagen Dazs' Cafe Mocha Frappe Ice Cream.  It has 310 calories & 19g of fat per 1/2 cup!  

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