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Yup, we've got even MORE fast-food recipe swaps for you today. Check out our Mex-tastic meals, super sides and shockingly good shakes... YAY!    

Mexican Makeovers!

Sorry, Taco Bell. We had to do it...

HG's Gooey Chili Cheese Nachos vs. Taco Bell's Nachos Supreme
Save 180 calories and more than 21g fat! A serving of HG's nachos has just 260 calories and 4.5g fat (POINTS® value 5*).

HG's Crunchtastic Supreme vs. Taco Bell’s Crunchwrap Supreme
Save 350 calories and almost 20g fat! This awesome HG swap's only got 210 calories and 4.5g fat (POINTS® value 4*).

HG's Cheesy-Good Chicken Quesadilla vs. Taco Bell's Chicken Quesadilla
Save 365 calories and 24g fat! Our quesadilla's only 155 calories and 4g fat (POINTS® value 3*). Click here to see it!

HG's Rockin' Taco Salad vs. Average Taco Salad w/ Shell
Save 715 calories and over 53g fat!!! HG's salad swap contains just 230 calories and 3.5g fat (POINTS® value 4*).

Sides Swaps!

Would you like fries with that?

Bake-tastic Butternut Squash Fries vs. Average Fast-Food French Fries
Save over 300 calories and 20g fat! A serving of our fries has (get this!) only 65 fat-free calories (POINTS® value 1*).

HG's Fiber-ific Fried Cheese Sticks vs. Arby's Mozzarella Sticks
Save over 270 calories and more than 22g fat! Mozzarella sticks from the HG kitchen contain only 155 calories and 5.5g fat (POINTS® value 3*).

HG's Cheesy Good Chili Fries vs. Dairy Queen's Grill & Chill Chili Cheese Fries
Save more than 970 calories and 71g fat!!! HG's loaded fries have just 248 calories and 1g fat (POINTS® value 4*) a serving.

HG's Jalapeno Swappers vs. Arby's Jalapeno Bites
Save more than 180 calories and 20g fat! HG's pepper poppers rock with just 124 calories and 1g fat (POINTS® value 2*).

HG’s Lord of the Onion Rings vs. White Castle's Onion Rings
Save nearly 600 calories and 38g fat!!! Our huge onion rings platter equals only 153 calories and 1g fat (POINTS® value 2*).

HG’s Bocalicious Chili vs. Steak 'n Shake's Chili Deluxe
Save over 750 calories and more than 66g fat!!! A bowl of HG's chili contains just 190 calories and 1g fat (POINTS® value 3*).

Sweet Treats!

Go on and indulge...

HG's Ginormous Chocolate Ice Cream Shake vs. Jack in the Box's Chocolate Ice Cream Shake
Save over 1,020 calories and more than 57g fat!!! The 24-oz. HG shake slides in with 206 calories and <1g fat (POINTS® value 3*).

HG's Cravin' Cap'n Crunch Shake vs. Carl's Jr.'s Hand-Scooped Cap'n Crunch Ice Cream Shake
Save close to 560 calories and over 30g fat! Our cereal-licious ice cream shake contains only 182 calories and 3g fat (POINTS® value 3*).

HG's Cookie-rific Ice Cream Freeze! vs. Jack in the Box's Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Shake
Save more than 600 calories and 36g fat!!! Get your Oreo on with HG's 158-calorie, 4g-of-fat (POINTS® value 3*) shake swap.
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