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Hungry Girl Today: 07.28.08

Spotted on Shelves...

Splenda with Fiber - We thought we were seeing things when we caught a
glimpse of a box of these sweetener packets touting "1 Gram of Fiber Per
Packet" -- but we weren't. Splenda now has fiber. Weird? Yeah, sorta. But we
bet these boxes will FLY off shelves!

Orville RedenbacherÂ’s 100 Calorie Mini Smart Cakes - In Caramel,
Chocolate, and Cheddar, these crunchy snacks in convenient packs are
made from 100% whole-grain popcorn... but there's no popping required!
The 100-cal packs are also offered in three totally different flavors as part of
Orville's Natural line -- Buttery Garlic, Garden Herb, and Wild Berry! A
portion-controlled pack (about 15 - 16 cakes) in ANY of the 6 flavors has 0 -
3.5g fat, 16 - 22g carbs, and 1 - 2g fiber (POINTS® value 2*). Look for these
at Wal-Mart.

Ronzoni Bistro Meals - Keep an eye out for these new pasta-packed pouch
meals from Ronzoni. They come in four varieties -- Penne with Chicken &
Broccoli, Linguine with Chicken & Mushrooms, Rotini with Tomato & Basil, and
Spaghetti and Meatballs -- and they cook up in 90 seconds or less. Each one
has 220 - 240 calories, 6 - 10g fat, 22 - 31g carbs, and 1 - 2g fiber
(POINTS® value 5*). The portion size is small, but here's the deal -- there's
tons of sauce in each pouch, so you can mix in a bag of Tofu Shirataki
noodles or a LOT of veggies to stretch one of these meals out. Worth a peek!
P.S. Click here for a $1-off coupon!

Gardenburgers... Where Are Yoooooooou????

If you've been having a hard time finding Gardenburgers this summer, that
could be because there was a bit of a mess going on with the acquisition of
the company by Kellogg's. We'd heard rumors that some burgers may have
been recalled due to contamination during construction at the manufacturing
plants (um, YIKES!). But we looked into it, and here's the deal. A Kellogg's
rep confirmed to HG that during manufacturing improvements, some GB
products "may not have been produced under conditions that meet
[Kellogg's] high quality standards." Kellogg's did issue a voluntary withdrawal
of certain products, but the company insists, "The product involved in the
voluntary withdrawal was safe for consumption." The withdrawal was
apparently completed in May. But it's the end of July and we STILL can't find
most of our favorite GBs! Look for new GB packaging (with Kellogg's info on
it) to roll out soon... we hope!

Take a Snacking Poll & Buy-One-Get-One-Free Smoothie Coupons...

Super Snacker Alert! - The peeps at Snacktrition, makers of brand-new (and
revolutionary!) nut snacks that are fortified with calcium and/or fiber, want to
know all about YOUR snacking habits! They're running a poll EXCLUSIVELY
for HG fans. Click here to answer a few Qs and you'll have a chance to win
one of 100 FREE snack-tastic gift baskets filled with Snacktrition goodies. DO
IT! And answer honestly. We'll share the results in an upcoming email...

Free Smoothies, People! - We spend a lot of time telling you what to avoid at
Jamba Juice, but here's something you can actually feel good about ordering
there -- the brand-new Orange Refresher. It's an all-fruit, no-sugar-added
smoothie that has 210 calories, 1g fat, 51g carbs, and 4g fiber (POINTS®
value 3*) for a 16-ouncer. Not bad. And click here to get a "Buy Any
Smoothie, Get One Free" coupon you can use to try it (or one of their "Light"
options, which have even fewer calories!) at participating locations. Just don't
drink BOTH of your smoothies -- bring a friend along and share! Hurry... the
offer ends 7/30/08!

The Buzz...

Big news from the world of Vitalicious. The company is re-introducing its
AppleBerry Vitas -- and instead of using dried apples, the new-and-improved
Tops are made with fresh juicy apple pieces. We've tried 'em and the verdict
is in... THEY ROCK! As always, each VitaTop has 100 calories of low-fat, fiber-
packed deliciousness and a POINTS® value of 1*... Woohoo! ***More good
news about coffee. Research shows that just the SMELL of freshly brewed
coffee can help relieve stress caused by sleep deprivation. No wonder those
Starbucks baristas are so smiley and relaxed all the time, despite those
massive lines. Come to think of it, you rarely see impatient and irritated
customers WAITING in those lines to shell out four bucks for a cup of coffee.
It's all beginning to make sense... ***Looking for a fast-food salad that
contains WARM chicken? As of July 7th, the folks at Wendy's made the switch
and are offering the Grilled, Homestyle, and Spicy chicken served on their
salads warm rather than chilly. AWESOME! ***Want to take in fewer calories
and, at the same time, make your meals more satisfying? CHEW SLOWLY! A
recently published study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association
suggests that chewing slowly could help people eat less food, feel full sooner,
and enjoy their food more. So slow down, Chompy! ***Ummm, a gentleman
named Chris has been collecting condiment packets since 2003 and wants
you to see his prized packet possessions. Click here to view said packets and
learn how you can actually contribute to his ever-growing archive of flexible
portion-controlled packaging. Just remember to use padded envelopes when
sending. Otherwise... SPLOOOSH! That's all we've got. HG out!

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HG TOUR ALERT! - It's not too late to get your bad self to DENVER for HG's
next book event! It's tomorrow, July 29th, at the Tattered Cover on Colfax,
and IT WILL ROCK (prizes, free snacks, and MORE -- RSVP here!). In related
HG-in-Denver news, listen for Lisa tomorrow on KYGO at 8am (MST) and
check her out right after that on Colorado & Company and then again on
ABC 7 News at 11am. Hooray!!!

Today, July 28th, is National Milk Chocolate Day. We are celebrating by
staring lovingly at containers of Almond Breeze Chocolate -- in both
Sweetened and Unsweetened. Ahhhhhh...

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