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Hungry Girl Today: 12.05.08

The holidays may seem far away, but they're right around the corner. Check
out these fantastic online gift finds. Then order early and avoid the malls

Sweet Dreams!

If we could, we'd wear comfy oversized flannels featuring our favorite foods
EVERYWHERE. But since that isn't always appropriate (cupcake pants aren't
even appropriate on casual Friday), we recommend sleeping in them. Satisfy
a craving for sushi and/or cupcakes STAT. These pjs are a bit pricey, but
they're freakishly cute.

What's Cookin'?

According to a recent HG poll, MANY of you would like the HG cookbook but
haven't purchased it yet. This makes it an IDEAL gift for fellow HGers and
even yourself. It's also great for friends and family members who don't know
about HG yet... let those guys in on all the guilt-free fun! The HG book is
packed with never-before-seen recipes like our 127-calorie Bring on the
Breakfast Pizza and our Crazy-Good Turkey Taco Meatloaf (which,
coincidentally, also has 127 calories per serving). AND you can find some
great deals in stores and online, so shop around! Add some practical zazzle
to your gift by including this super-deluxe cookbook stand. It'll keep your
recipe displayed nicely as you cook, and its clear cover keeps cooking
splatters off the pages. Plus its FANTASTIC storage space is perfect for
printouts of recent HG recipes. Woohoo!

Join the Club!

We're huge fans of those gifts that keep on giving... you know, like wine of
the month clubs and bimonthly cookie deliveries. Only not everyone needs
12 months of wine, and bimonthly baked goods can lead to weekly weight
gain. Enter Choose from a slew of great categories,
including Dog Treat of the Month! Our top picks are Salsa (new salsa every
month = happiness!), Fruit (fancy stuff not found at your supermarket), and
Hot Sauce (for serious spice enthusiasts only!). Plus you can select from
different shipping options, like the budget-friendly 3 Month Club, the every-
other-month option, and the seasonal every-third-month club. Giftees get a
personalized message from the sender, too. Fantastic!

We ALL Scream...

Here are SIX delicious ice-cream-flavored lip balms in an adorable ice cream
truck box (awwwww!). Flavors include Rocky Road, Very Cherry Vanilla,
Rainbow Sherbet, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, White Choco Raspberry,
and Mint Chocolate Chip. All of these "ice creams" are calorie-free, and you
don't even have to chase the truck to get 'em.

Stocking Stuffers!

* These doll-like cheese graters are so cute we can hardly stand it. Throw in
a lovely block of Lifetime Fat Free Cheese (now available by mail order,
yay!), and prepare to be thanked profusely. Come to think of it, you may
want to stash the cheese in the fridge and put a note in the stocking on
where to find it... no one wants moldy cheese!

* These penguin-shaped salt and pepper shakers PASS THEMSELVES.

* Ooh, our pals at LesserEvil have really outdone themselves this year! Their
famous Cocoa Coal (dark-cocoa-dusted kettle corn) has two new holiday
pals -- Gingerbread and Peppermint kettle corn! And this awesome gift pack
has all three guilt-free varieties in one cute box. Way better than those silly
fat-packed popcorn tins...

* This thing looks like a takeout coffee container, but it's not! Appropriately
dubbed "I am not a paper cup...", it's actually a thermal porcelain cup. For a
real treat, fill it with printouts of your favorite HG hot beverage recipes. Just
don't forget to tell your pal they're in there!

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Saturday, December 6th is Microwave Oven Day. Celebrate by nuking up our
Cheeseburger Chomp wrap -- no oven required!

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